7 Online Signs That Your Crush Doesn’t Like You Back

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7 Online Signs That Your Crush Does not Like You Back: Are you having a hard time figuring out whether or not your crush likes you? Nowadays, the people we interact with include those we meet online–whether it’s someone you met on a dating app or someone you follow back on Instagram. And because things online are entirely different from in-person interactions, there are tell-tale signs to look out for if they’re not into you.

Just to put it out there, this post isn’t a surefire answer to everything, but it hopefully gives you more insight in deciding whether to hold back or pursue this person. Are they canceling commitments and sending disappointing face emojis–or do they quickly reply and make time for you? Some signs can be a bit confusing, so stick around to find out whether your crush likes you back or not!

1 – It Shows in Their Emojis

Can emojis tell if a person likes you? Let’s try to see the difference between in-person and online interactions. 

It’s easier to spot someone who likes you by the way they smile, laugh at your jokes, actively listen to your thoughts and ideas, and mirror your actions. Mirroring, by the way, is when someone subtly copies your gestures and slight body movements, and people believe in social psychology that it signifies that a person finds you attractive.

While subtle gestures are positive signs in face-to-face situations, so are emojis in online contexts. Studies believe that a single smile emoji can help drive engagement and express more emotion than plain text. The right emoji can effortlessly convey curiosity, interest, amazement, and even affection–which your crush can do if they like you. Regardless of whether they’re sending you the Puppy Dog eyes, Heart Suit, or the Heart Eyes emoji, you will see and feel their interest by the ways they pick the emojis they send you.

2 – Inconsistent Communication

As the saying goes, “Communication is key.” Inasmuch as it is key in problem-solving situations, it’s also vital for relationship building. If you notice that your crush only messages at random times of the day or week, you may want to re-evaluate your relationship with them and see if they are genuinely interested. 

Feel more hopeful if they let you know when they get off work or their last class, implying that they’re available. Or much more, your crush must genuinely like you whenever they message while they’re in class or at work, and they’re making time to message you.

Life does get busy, and your crush may be in an urgent situation. Despite that, they should at least give you a sincere apology or explain why they failed to stay in touch with you. Otherwise, they may not care about you enough to let you know.

3 – They Inbox-Zone You All the Time

Inbox-zoning may have a link to the previous point. What is inbox-zoning? It is when someone has never “seen” or read your messages for a while or never reads them at all. It can be as bad as seen-zoning when someone leaves your messages on Reading without ever giving you a response. 

If you believe that your crush tends to inbox-zone you, the only time they read your messages is when you’ve already left a hefty trickle of messages. It can be a clear sign that your crush isn’t into you. And also, do your best never to reach this situation. Easier said than done but do your best never to leave multiple messages. Wait for a response before saying something else. Otherwise, it may be a big turnoff to your crush–or you may start to look desperate for their attention.

4 – Careless Per-Punctuation Use

Per-Punctuation Use goes beyond using periods, commas, or exclamation points. Nowadays, it can also include typos, spacing, and capitalization. One or two instances of misspelled words shouldn’t be a big deal, but what if they send messages with too many typos?

You’ll know that any person who likes you would put their best foot forward and at least try to look decent in their messages. You would also see that they take you seriously by not being too playful with all-caps or sticky caps.

Example 1:

U looked v v cute TODAy!!!! HhahahHAHAH

Example 2: 

You look extra cute today! 🙂

It’s healthy never to overthink things, but we’re pretty sure that judging from the two examples above, you can tell which message you’d rather get from a crush! It helps to see that the person you like makes an effort to craft their message, especially with good punctuation thoughtfully. You can easily sense that typos and reckless per-punctuation use may imply that you should figure out what they’re trying to say.

5 – You Always Initiate

It may seem alright that you and your crush communicate regularly. A big question you should ask yourself is: Does my crush reach out to me when I don’t message them first?

If it’s a no, your crush could be communicating with you out of kindness–possibly for other reasons and not because they like you. It may sting a bit, but any relationship that has potential is always mutual. So, if you feel like you both alternately initiate the conversation, then you may be lucky! Otherwise, they may only see you as a friend.

6 – It’s Always Small Talk

Perhaps your crush doesn’t seem very busy, and they always manage to send quick replies. That is a good sign; however, you may want to check the quality of your conversations. Your crush likely fancies you back when they often talk about their dreams, deep personal opinions, and how much they miss you. They may even speak to you about their future with you being part of it.

Sometimes, understand that it may take a while before some people can open up and share more profound things like their values, insecurities, and secrets. Give them some time, especially if you believe you are still earning their trust. On the other hand, if it’s been months and your conversations haven’t made any progress, maybe it’s because they don’t plan on being vulnerable or having a future with you.

7 – Nothing Seems Final

Last but not least, you should start taking a hint if your crush is always being flakey. Have you ever proposed having a movie night, a coffee date, or a voice call, and they tell you any of these responses?

  • We’ll see.
  • I’ll try.
  • I will let you know.
  • Maybe.

It may give you hope at first, but the next thing you know, they tell you that they can’t make it or that they have other plans in mind. Your crush might be genuinely busy at the moment, but if they keep postponing any activities with you–then your crush may be making excuses, so they don’t need to tell you directly that they don’t want to. Times like these should be your turning point to stop going after that person because a wild goose chase like that won’t be worth it!

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats the feeling of butterflies in your tummy when your crush likes you back! Reciprocation and a mutual understanding are priceless, especially if it’s with the person you adore the most. The thing is, if things don’t ever work out the way you wanted them to, it is always wise to know the signs of unrequited love so you don’t end up giving your heart and energy to the wrong person.

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