7 All Stars Jinkx Monsoon {July 2022} Great Win For Her

Latest News 7 All Stars Jinkx Monsoon

The article discusses the recent matter of 7 All Stars Jinkx Monsoon and also describes the facts about Jinkx Monsoon. 

Do you know what the seven all-stars of Jinkx Monsoon are? If you don’t know the answer, it is not an issue. Many people from Australia, Brazil and Canada want to know a similar response. For this reason, it is essential to discuss the matter in this article. 

Jinkx Monsoon, the winner of the “RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Five,” will work in “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Seven”. We need to find out the essential facts about the news and work on 7 All Stars Jinkx Monsoon.

What Do You Know All Stars Seven?

It is about participation in the Race All-Star Seven. The program will be going to start on the Paramount Plus”. All seven winners are going to part in the program. As per the recent study, Jinnkx will challenge the other competitors in the game. Jinkx also suffered from “Narcolepsy” but was ready to challenge the other guys. 

Other participants are- Stars Four winners Monet X Change and Trinity The Tuck. The season five winners are Shea Coulee, season eleven winner Yyie Oddly, season 12 winner Jaida Essence etc. 

Jinkx Monsoon Winner

Many interested people from the United Kingdom and the United States want to know about the Jinkx Monsoon. For this reason, we need to discuss the matter and focus on this. As per the study, Jinkx Monsoon is the first queen who won the ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race” two times. 

It is one of the rare achievements of a competitor and a record of the competition. On 29 July 2022 (Friday), the result came out. Jinkx Monsoon won the second championship when finalist Shea Coulee was “lip-synced”, and that was noticed by Lady Gaga. 

7 All Stars Jinkx Monsoon

The audiences are expecting one of the best programs. Jinkx Monsoon is one of the promising actors and performers in the competition. On the stage, Monsoon is famous as Jerick Hoffer. After the news is out in a public place, audiences watch her Instagram account of Monsoon to learn about her. 

Monsoon started her work at the age of sixteen. Jinkx worked in the nightclubs, but later she escaped from there. Jinkx was born in Portland and was a comedian. After her double win, Jinkx won the 200000 USD and was awarded 10000 USD for the lip-sync prize as Jinkx Monsoon Winner. It is a great win for Monsoon. 

Why is the News Circulating? 

It is the first time when a participant wins the double. For this reason, many news media has published the story of the winning of Jinkx Monsoon. Many people also shared the news on social media platforms. Many fans of Jinkx are checking her social media account daily. For this reason, many people, fans and audiences want to know more about the news. 


Ultimately, we can talk about the interesting facts of the competition and also discuss the champion participants of 7 All Stars Jinkx Monsoon. Many found her similar to her mother. 

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