5 Tips for Cycling in Autumn

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The fall weather is fast approaching, and times when you can just go riding in shorts and jerseys may be dwindling. However, the days of cycling through heat will also be dwindling.

In this period, a lot of questions may be running through your mind as regards what riding in the fall weather entails. Questions about how to deal with frosts on the road while taking morning rides, how much water to drink during this cold weather, and how to dress. These questions are valid, and you should actually get answers to them.

Now that the fall weather is around the corner, here are a few tips that will help you as you cycle this period.

Tips for Cycling During Fall

Even pros and cycling veterans have different forms of struggles while riding during the fall weather.

Fall can be very funny weather; one minute, you are riding in your fall riding gear as the weather is cold, and the next, you are sweating because the storm is out.

Whether you are a cycling newbie or a veteran, these five tips will help you during your fall cycling journey.

1. Ensure to always stay dry

Fall weather is all about rain, which equals wetness. However, do not let the rain stop you from cycling.

Your cycling adventure does not have to end because the weather changes, and it can rain at any time. There are ways you can stay dry while you are riding, even in rainy weather.

Good rain riding gear will help you stay dry even in the heaviest of rains. Rain riding gear is waterproof riding gear which should include a waterproof helmet with visor, waterproof jacket or coat, waterproof boots, and gloves.

Now we know that it is the rainy season, and you may not be able to predict when it may rain as even the weather forecast are not always 100% accurate. It is advised that you go along with these gears whenever you are riding. To make things easier, you can get the Himiway Travel E-bike Trunk Bag.

The Himiway Travel E-bike Trunk Bag will allow you to store things which can include your rainy weather cycling gear. With this, you will be able to easily access your rain gears in case of sudden rain.

The Himiway trunk bag is compatible with all Himiway ebikes. It has a large capacity and an expansion of 25L. It is designed to protect your belongings as it is fully padded and fully waterproof. It has a velcro quick-release design which makes it easy to install and mount on bikes.

With Himiway Travel E-bike Trunk Bag, you can be assured that your things are securely protected.

2. Be careful of slippery spots on the road.

Naturally, the road will be more slippery when it is wet. This means you should ride carefully and be cautious of the extra slippery paths.

The things you should take note of and be cautious about are piles of leaves, painted lines, and parts of the road where you see oils and gas. These things become more slippery when they are wet.

A way to guide against the slippery road is to ensure that your bike is fit to cycle on wet grounds. Himiway ebikes, particularly the All-Terrain electric fat tire bikes like Himiway Cruiser and Himiway Zebra, are perfect for riding in fall.

They have the battery capacity, motor power, and gas mileage that enables you to ride away even in the rain.

3. Keep a clear vision

Riding without having a clear vision is bad news. You need to keep a clear vision whenever you are riding.

Now, this might be a bit difficult while riding in the fall. Sometimes it can get windy, and too much air and debris can enter your eye when you are riding without protective gear.

While it is raining, water can get into your eyes. This is uncomfortable, annoying, and can even obscure your vision.

To avoid this, you should either get a pair of glasses that will prevent water from entering your eyes or a helmet like the Himiway Bike Helmet, which is suitable for rainy weather.

4. Be visible

Being visible is important no matter which weather condition you are riding in. It is of utmost importance in rainy weather. This is because, most times, when it rains, it becomes cloudy and dark. This is where being visible comes in.

It would be best if you are visible to other road users while riding in the fall, particularly when it is raining and the clouds are dark. This will help to reduce or prevent road accidents.

To have the maximum visibility needed, you need to have good rear and front lights on your bike and ensure that your gears are not in dark colors so that they will be able to reflect light.

5. Avoid riding at high speed.

When it comes to riding in the fall, you may want to switch your normal road bikes for a long-range electric bike or an all-terrain fat tire bike, as it will help you stay warm. The fat tire bike will throw in a bit of fun, shield you from the harsh elements and help you to go slower while still working just as hard.

The electric mountain bikes will help you keep warm while riding on cold, windy roads in the fall.


Riding in the fall can be a bit of a hassle if you are not properly prepared for the weather changes.

However, the fact that it is the fall season does not mean that you have to stop what you love doing – riding. Listed above are some tips that will help you in the days to come while you ride.

Ensure you keep warm and dry to avoid cold, and ensure that your bike can ride in rainy weather.

With these tips, you should be able to ride as joyfully and hitch-free as you have been doing during the summer. 

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