5 Tips For Buying Pet Insurance That Will Save You Money

After the pandemic of 2020/21, and with the war raging on in Ukraine – household budgets across the globe are feeling the pinch more and more. While there isn’t much that can be done to stop pandemics or wars, you can do something for your budget.

Find ways to save money on your pet insurance because it will be easier to keep the things you need in life and cut back on unnecessary expenses. Below are five tips for buying pet insurance that will ultimately save you money and offer your pet the best chance at a happy and healthy life.

  1. Choose a Lower Reimbursement Percentage

Most pet insurance packages work in the same way. You choose what reimbursement level you would prefer in the event of a claim. Basically, that means that if you can afford to pay 50% of the vet’s bill, you should do that. 

That 50% difference over a 100% reimbursement percentage will save you a significant amount on your monthly premium. By choosing a lower reimbursement percentage, you can reduce your monthly premium and make it more affordable for your monthly budget.

  1. Select a Higher Deductible Option

As you will have learned along the way, the deductible on your insurance policy is the amount that you will need to pay when you submit a claim. That means that if your claim amount is $500 and your deductible is $50, you will need to pay that $50 before your claim is paid.

By choosing a higher deductible amount, you can lower your monthly premium. The best way to do that is to make sure that you have separate savings account with your deductible in it, that way no matter what time of the month you need to claim, you always have the deductible budgeted.

  1. Shop Around For Insurance Options

With so many companies offering affordable pet insurance, you no longer need to fork out loads of cash on the monthly premium. A quick Google search will bring up more than enough cheap pet insurance options, which means that you can make sure that you are always getting the best deal for your pooch and your pocket.

You would be surprised at how much money you could be saving, simply by switching to an insurance provider with better benefits and a more affordable rate.

  1. Use Vet Advice Lines

Many pet insurance companies have coupled with vets in your local area to provide a vet advice line to their customers. That means that you can call and get advice before going in and paying for a consultation when it might not be necessary.

If you’re unsure of whether your pet is ill or not, call them for their expert advice before making the trip to their rooms.

  1. Take Care of Your Pets

The best way to save money on your pet insurance and vet bills is to take care of your pet. Ensure they have access to clean and fresh water, are fed a healthy and balanced diet, and their vaccinations are kept up to date.

A healthy pet will require less medical treatment and live a longer and healthier life.

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