3rd Secret Band Album Review {April} Musical Revelation!

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To all the readers who are curious to know the 3rd Secret Band Album Review details, read this article to know more.

Have you streamed the debut album of 3rd Secret yet? Who all are the members of the groups? How many tracks are there on the Album? Why is the Album hype?

Today, this article will take you through the details of the 3rd Secret debut hype, leading to a buzz in the United States and many other parts of the world. People are continually looking down for the list of the songs and other related facts for the details.

Scroll this article till the end to know all about their artists and the facts related to the 3rd Secret Band Album Review.

Review about the 3rd Secret Band Album:

If you are a musical fan, this new self-titled album debut might have been a big surprise. This brand is a group of some of the most iconic band members renowned and appreciated in the musical world. The band members include Soundgarden guitarist- Kim Thayil, Nirvana bassist- Krist Novoselic and Pearl Jam drummer- Matt Cameron. 

These are the members of the three biggest bands, and they have recently launched their debut album recorded with Jack Endino. Fans are going crazy over the album, which already has set the record over multiple platforms.

3rd Secret Band Album Review – Songs List:

As we have already revealed, this is the debut album for Cameron and Thayil following the death of Cornell back in 2017. The band features Jillian Raye, Bubba Dupree and Jennifer Johnson. The list of songs included in the Album are:

  • Choose me
  • Lies Fade Away
  • The rhythm of the Ride
  • Last Day of August
  • Live Without You
  • The Yellow Dress
  • Diamond in the Cold
  • Right Stuff
  • Winter Solstice
  • Dead Sea
  • Somewhere in Time

This surprise was dropped for the fans on Monday night that was mixed and recorded by Jack Endino- the renowned grunge era producer. 3rd Secret Band Album Review also revealed a secretly performed show in Seattle’s Pop Culture Museum, sharing a glimpse of the same over their Instagram.

Where to find the Album?

After fetching all the band’s details, you might be wondering about the platform to listen to the same. The Album is released only for the online streaming services and is still not available on Apple Music.

The brand has also posted that fans need to hold some patience for the album drop as it was uploaded only on Saturday night. 3rd Secret Band Album Review also reveals that it might take some time to be on the streaming platforms.  

Final Verdict:

You might have heard about the 3rd Secret Debut album if you follow the music. This was released on Monday night as a surprise, and fans are going crazy over the same. It is currently yet to be released on streaming platforms and can be listened to online.

Follow the 3rd Secret Website to get regular updates. Did this article help you fetch all the 3rd Secret Band Album Review details? Please share your reviews for the same for clarity.

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