1212 Gateway Reviews {Dec 2021} Is It A Trustworthy Site

If you are looking for the genuineness of a website dealing with skincare products, this website will help you reveal the facts for 1212 Gateway Reviews.

What are the factors to consider before claiming the authenticity of online platforms? How to check whether an online website is a legit store or not? What does 1212 Gateway deal with? Are all the products from this website original?

1212 Gateway is an online website dealing with makeup and beauty-related products, claiming to have the best quality products. The website is based in the United States and is amongst the recent searches of the internet, as people want to know whether the platform is a safe stop or not.

Scroll down the headers mentioned in this article below to explore the pointers for 1212 Gateway Reviewsrevealing whether this platform is safe for shopping or not!

What is 1212 Gateway?

1212 Gateway is an online website dealing with cruelty-free, organically produced, ethically sourced skincare products that experts and community lover’s trust. The brand aims to provide quality over perfection, offering products that will help you feel the difference more than just on the skin.

The brand’s genesis is to deal with categories that will help improve your skin quality with premium products made from originally extracted ingredients.

But the main attention still lies to the answers of Is 1212 Gateway Legit?

Specifications of the Website:

  • Website: Deals with makeup and skincare products.
  • URL: https://1212gateway.com/
  • Email: support@1212gateway.com
  • Address: Not mentioned on the platform.
  • Contact Number: Not found on the website.
  • Shipping Time: 4-5 days after order placements.
  • Shipping Cost: Calculated based on orders.
  • Delivery: Attempted within 5-10 days after shipping.
  • Returns/Exchange: No details mentioned.
  • Refund: Initiated after inspecting the returns.
  • Mode of Payment: PayPal, Shop Pay and Apple Pay.

These all-website specifications give a clear idea of its technical details, giving particle clarity about 1212 Gateway ReviewsTo get unbiased answers, let’s explore the pros and cons of this website for a much better view.

Pros of 1212 Gateway:

  • All the products for this website are made of organically extracted ingredients.
  • The website provides multiple options for skin care-related items.
  • Customers also can order their sample set before placing the final orders.

Cons of 1212 Gateway:

  • Contact Details of the website are not found on the website.
  • Shipping Policies for the platform are also not found.
  • Return and Refund Policies of the platform are also not mentioned in detail on the website.

Is 1212 Gateway Legit?

To fetch the legitimacy factors of the website, certain factors need to be considered to give a clarified answer. We have addressed all these facts for 1212 Gateway customer’s reviews for you, revealing the facts below that will help you with the desired answers-

  • Domain age of the Website: The domain for this platform was registered back around 2 years ago, making it a relatively old platform. 
  • Trust Score of the Platform: The website’s trust score is 50%, making it a relatively less risky platform. 
  • Customer Reviews for the Platform: 1212 Gateway Reviews cannot be fetched over the internet, as there are no available links for the same. 
  • Alexa Ranking for the Website: Alexa Ranking for the website is #400,711, which is too high. 
  • Social Media Presence of the Platform: The platform is also present on Instagram and Facebook with many followers. 
  • Missing Policies of the website: The website’s shipping, return, and refund policies are also not found over the web page. 
  • Contact and Owner Details of the Platform: The website’s owner details, including its email, address, and contact number, are also not found. 
  • Genuineness of the Content: Some of the website’s content is also copied from other platforms. 

1212 Gateway Reviews:

After scrolling out multiple available links for the platform, we could not find any favourable details. No links direct website reviews that customers have made for their purchases.

 The website was founded 2 years ago and still has not fetched any reviews and ratings. Some of the links offering the same also have advised not to place any orders with them.

These newly or suspicious platforms always have an additional open risk for scams that we advise our readers to beware of. In addition, click on this link to get the details for PayPal Scams.

Final Verdict:

After revealing the details for 1212 Gateway Reviewswe can say that this website seems suspicious as it was launched two years ago and has not fetched any customer reviews yet. We, therefore, advise our readers not to place any orders from the same until its genuineness is confirmed.

Meanwhile, please scroll down the updates and post them on the 1212 Instagram Account to know about their recent launch and updates.

Have you placed an order from this website before? Was your order worth the cost paid? Please share your comments in the section given below.

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