Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees (Dec) Why Did It Happen?

Are you curious to recognize how a Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees? Then, please look at this write-up.

Have you ever grasped a virtual meeting that fired over a hundred workers? If not, then please review this write-up to gather more facts. 

In this pandemic, we all are maintaining social distance. But, it affected the students and firms primarily; since, in this field, communication is a key factor. So, we have opted for online/virtual meetings for effective conversation. 

Therefore, people from Canada, the United States, Ireland, India, and the United Kingdom have chosen Zoom meetings. But, recently, a Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees. So, let us debate over it. 

What is a Zoom Call?

It is a video conferencing medium that allows you to connect with other people, either by selecting only video or audio or both. In addition, you can also record the video sessions for viewing later. Also, up to 1000 participants can join the sessions with about 49 on-screen videos. 

Furthermore, it collected huge traction in 2020 by becoming one of the most famous video conferencing software. Before discussing the facts related to why and how a Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees, let us dig more about the person who conducted the call. 

Learning About Vishal Garg

Garg is an Indian-American businessman holding a massive mortgage company named Better.com. Moreover, he is now 43 years old and was born in New York City. 

Apart from Better.com, he co-founded MyRichUncle in 2000, an online loan provider for students. 

What is Better.com?

It is a digital homeownership company initiated by Garg. This platform enables the clients to experience an easy home-buying process. 

In addition, the site’s services include real estate, title, mortgage and homeowners insurance.  

How a Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees?

Last Wednesday, Vishal Garg conducted a Zoom call in which he announced the termination of workers. Initially, he told the employees that the news was not good and was difficult to make. 

Moreover, he also added that he was doing this disaster the second time in his entire career, which has hurt him badly. Also, he quoted that the members who were in the call and hearing his statement have been fired. 

Why Did Garg Dismiss The Workers?

After the Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees, the company’s CEO cited some of the reasons that made him decide. Moreover, he accused the firm’s productivity, performance and market change. 

Some sources have disclosed that due to their colleagues’ behavior, he has ceased them. Also, he added that they were working only two hours a day, leading to huge losses to the firm. 

The Closing Thoughts 

Through this write-up, we have highlighted a mortgage company’s owner, ‘Vishal Gargand found clues on how a Zoom Call Fired 900 Employees. In addition, we have rescued some important facts of his life, including his age, native place, etc. Moreover, he terminated 900 employees over a Zoom call, stating that the market has changed. 

Do you know the exact reason for the termination? Then please put your words in the comment box. 

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