Zombies 3 Mothership {July 2022} Know The Dates Here!

This write-up has details of Zombies 3 Mothership, announcing visitors about the first look and a few images shared by Disney, with the release date.

Did Disney release a few images from Zombies 3? Is it the first look of Zombies 3? Many users across the United States, the United Kingdom, and other world areas who love to watch Zombies are thrilled to know about the first look of Zombies 3.

If you have been watching the Zombies series or are fond of watching Zombies, you will be enticed to know the release and the first look of Zombies 3. So, check out more interesting facts, release details, and first look at Zombies 3 Mothership.

Is the first look of Zombies 3 released?

Disney has unveiled a few brand-new images from “ZOMBIES 3,” offering the diverse school population of werewolves, cheerleaders, and zombies at Seabrook High their initial look at the latest bunch of enigmatic extraterrestrial invaders.

DGA Award recipient “ZOMBIES 3” was directed by Paul Hoen, who has helmed a record-breaking 15 Disney Channel Original Movies, including “Camp Rock 2,” “Let it Shine,” “Jump In,” “The Luck of the Irish,” and two hits of “ZOMBIES.”

Joseph Raso and David Light, nominated for Zombies for a Humanitas Prize, wrote the screenplay of Rupaul Zombies 3.

Additional details of Zombies 3:

The zombie Zed played by Milo Manheim, and the cheerleader Addison, played by Meg Donnelly, are starting at Seabrook High their senior year in the town that has turned into a safer haven for humans and monsters. The actors featured in the Zombies 3 movie are as follows:

  • Kingston Foster plays Zoey
  • James Godfrey plays Bonzo
  • Kyra Tantao plays A-li
  • Matt Cornett plays A-lan
  • Terry Hu plays A-spen
  • Kylee Russell plays Eliza
  • Trevor Tordjman plays Bucky
  • Carla Jeffery plays Bree
  • Pearce Joza plays Wyatt
  • Ariel Martin plays Wynter

Besides, its executive producers include Suzanne Farwell and Light, Raso from Disney’s “Upside Down Magic.” 

Zombies 3 Mothership:

On 15 July 2022, “ZOMBIES 3” will launch on Disney+. Then, it would have its Disney Channel debut on Friday, 12 August 2022, at 08:00 p.m. PDT/EDT, with a unique reprise premiere showcasing the latest bonus and music material.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” or RuPaul Charles, a multi-talented recording artist, host, and actor, accompanies the ensemble as “The Mothership,” an entertainingly passive-aggressive UFO that delivers the aliens to planet earth. Although Addison prepares for Seabrook’s first ever global cheer-off, Zed is looking forward to receiving an athletic scholarship, allowing him to become the initial zombie to join college. 

Then suddenly, alien visitors to Seabrook appear, igniting something besides friendly rivalry in Rupaul Zombies 3.

When is Zombies 3 releasing?

The upcoming Zombies 3 has a launch date at last. On 15 July 2022, Zombies 3 will make its Disney+ debut. Kyra Tantao, Terry Hu, and Matt Cornett are all newcomers to the cast of this movie.

The presence of aliens changes the pursuits for social and academic acceptability of our high school protagonists in the third and final film of the Disney trilogy, Zombies 3.


If you missed Zombies 3, a few of the cast members from Zombies 3 Mothership would be participating part in the Summer Magic Quest special of Disney.

Also, read more about Mothership of Zombies 3 here. Have you watched new images of Zombies 3? Write your experience about the first look of Zombies 3 in the comment box.

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