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This article helps you to discern the Zio Ascended identity, powers, specifications and many more. 

Are you interested in the gaming field? Have you heard about JoJo’s outrageous Adventure: Eyes of Heaven game? If so, then you must have heard about the Zio character. He has a unique physical capacity to knock down the enemy mobs, making people insane across the globe, especially from the United States. Yet, some people are refusing even to try the game because it is crazily expensive. So, let’s see what the other details of Zio Ascended are. To enhance your knowledge about this, continue reading this article.


  • Name of the game- All-star tower defence.
  • Unit- Meta 6-star unit. 
  • Established on- Eyes of Heaven game that is Bizarre JoJo’s Adventure.
  • Particular ability- Ultimate Time Stop (TS)
  • Duration- 20-25 seconds
  • Boost Levels- 14
  • Building form- Ground
  • Invasion type- AoE and Circle
  • Impair power- 945 -> 342,606
  • Assault rate/SPA- 5
  • Scale- 30 -> 68.2
  • DPS- 189
  • Distribution cost- 750
  • Cumulative cost- 175,000
  • Zio Ascended can be developed by using-
  • Required units- ×5 Zio, ×5 Jon Jo, ×4 Vampire 1, ×4 Vampire 2, ×3 Vampire 3, ×2 Vampire 4.

Some journals can help you to know more about this particular topic. Below are that analysis-

  • “What makes him incredible is that his TS doesn’t donate to the cd of normal TS. So you can pile them up right after one ends.”
  • “Why and how is this expensive as hell? I want to play but won’t spend so much on this.”
  • “The TS duration of the Zio Ascended is very likeable to me. He word-for-word timestop the whole map for 20 seconds.”
  • “It’s like an unusual anomaly as he’s being over-expensive right now.”

Why is this trending?

As this is the unit of Meta and heading forward, folks are flattering over this naturally. The character is also extraordinary, with great powers and the topping of controversies behind its costliness. So everyone wants to try it once, and then their obsession and results are just in front of you. 

Let’s settle your curiosity now and check out the further details about Zio. 

More about Zio Ascended

Zio is a 6-Star character of the All-Star Tower Defense game. He has a unique skill that enables him to quit all his rivals, making him a vast battalion in limitless aspects. 

Zio has a tremendous power set that helps him to time freeze. He can freeze everything for a very long time, 20-23 seconds. Everything whirls grey when the time stays and influences both air and floor opponent groups. He performs a huge percentage of destruction when he is entirely boosted. His range is also incredibly good as distinguished by others in the game.


In conclusion, Zio Ascended is an interesting character or unit of the All-Star tower defence game. He has some superpowers, abilities and many fascinating things which attract the population a lot. But, playing this is a little bit expensive, which makes people disappointed also.

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