Zeelool Glasses Reviews {Aug 2022} Is It Safe Or Scam?

Zeelool Glasses Online website Reviews

Are you thirsty to retrieve unbiased information on Zeelool Glasses Reviews? Then, use this writing to review and know this online site.

Do you love wearing glasses? Have you ever inquired about the originality of Zeelool.com? If yes, your wait is over since this article will tour this online site, so keep reading this writing religiously. 

Glasses are an essential accessory that is in trend in many countries like the United States. Also, many wear it according to outfit to improve and gain more confidence. Therefore, nowadays, buyers are searching for the facts behind Zeelool.com; hence, if you are one of them, we prefer you learn this post on Zeelool Glasses Reviews

What Is Zeelool.com?

During the survey, we discovered the portal saying that it is committed to serving premium quality glasses to buyers. Zeelool.com has various glasses of different colours and styles to express the user’s personality. Also, the site mentioned that it approves every product after it is processed through five quality control stages to satisfy and give better to buyers. 

Moreover, the website mentioned buyers could find all types of eyewear under a realistic budget with exceptional service. Now, let us progress ahead and notice more pointers extracted from the website below to know more about it precisely. 

Detecting Some Specifications To Estimate Is Zeelool Glasses Legit

  • While investigating, we observed the official URL is https://www.zeelool.com.
  • The newsletter facility option is encountered within the portal. 
  • Flat/RM A1, 11/F Winner Building 36 Man Yue Street, Hung Hom, KL, Hong Kong, is the address detected from the site. 
  • The examination discovered that on 13-12-2017, the portal was established, expressing that it is a 4 years, 8 months and 4 days old website.
  • Zeelool.com served a 365-day warranty feature to buyers. 
  • The website offers several payment options, including credit cards, VISA, AfterPay, etc. 
  • The portal will provide refunds in certain circumstances. 
  • We spotted the social network links on the portal. 
  • The Zeelool Glasses Reviews investigation found support@zeelool.com as the customer service mail address. However, the portal served many other emails for different purposes.  
  • The website mainly sells eyewear and other accessories, like eyeglasses, chains, earrings, etc. 
  • Zeelool.com gives a one-time replacement offer for manufacturing faults.  
  • The site offers different shipping methods, including business, advanced and standard. 
  • This portal declared to deliver items within 7-21 days. 
  • We noted the calling number is +1 (302) 990-0619, and the WhatsApp number is +86-18837183964. Also, the site provides a chat option. 

Perks Seen 

  • Our survey retrieved the office address and contact details. 
  • The icons are present.
  • We saw many shoppers’ Zeelool Glasses Reviews over Trustpilot. 
  • The newsletter option is provided. 

Shortcomings Noticed Within Zeelool.com

  • The founder’s name is not evaluated over the portal.

Is Zelool.com Secured? 

  • Trust Score– We discovered a good 73% value while inquiring. 
  • Owner’s Information– We detected no hints on the website’s founder, but the website declared a firm name HongKong Zeelool Digital Technology Co., Limited.
  • Rebates Information– The survey found that this portal offers many buying items. 
  • Users’ Reviews– The portal collected 4.4 Stars on Trustpilot. Also, its Facebook page has mixed comments but more positive ones. 
  • Address Reality– The declared address was seen on many other websites, creating suspicion on Is Zeelool Glasses Legit?
  • Trust Rank– After researching, we filtered a reliable 64.7/100 Trust Rank value. 
  • Alexa Rank– Zeelool.com gathered an 89475 Alexa Rank
  • Domain Freezing Date– 13-12-2022 is the suspension date of Zeelool.com
  • Policies– The policies mentioned seem alluring and are adequately explained. 
  • Social Media Connections– The social icons are active, which is a good point. 
  • Domain Age– 13-12-2017 is this online shop’s registration date, meaning it is 4 years, 8 months and 4 days old.

What Are Reliable Buyers’ Comments? 

The investigation discovered many reviews on Trustpilot, where 73% of comments were positive. Thus, while searching for Zeelool Glasses Reviews on Trustpilot, we found the website attaining 4.4/5 stars. Also, many users praised the portal on Facebook, but a user wrote a negative comment about it, considering its product quality. So, on Facebook, it fetched blended reviews. 

Moreover, upon surveying, we detected that this website’s one product is listed on Amazon, containing mixed buyers’ reactions. Read and grab essential pointers on the PayPal scams here

The Bottom Line

This article presented the overall summary of Zelool.com and tagged this online shop as 

Legit, based on the available Zeelool Glasses Reviews pointers. But, you should be aware while transacting on any website. Visit the official Facebook page of this site here. Retain knowledge on credit card scams here

Is this portal safe to use? Please mark your review below.

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