Zadeel Uk Reviews (Jan) Is The Website A Legit Portal?

You can read our Zadeel Uk Reviews article to know the legitimacy details of the Zadeel store. Our article below has all details that you need to know. 

Do you like to shop for various products in bulk? If yes, you can find many websites that provide economical deals. Zadeel UK is one such website that we are reviewing today for your better reference.

The website is based in the United Kingdom and provides users with significant discounts on 100+ products. To better understand the store, we have analyzed some of the Zadeel Uk Reviews to dissect it into various aspects. Please read our post now to start saving money in 2022.

What is Zadeel UK?

As of now, the Zadeel website is denying access to anyone on its portal. However, the store’s reviews suggest that it is better than Poundland’s website. Zadeel has various products like hauls for men and women at very low prices. 

Specifications of Zadeel UK:

  • URL:
  • Domain Creation Date: 12th November 2016
  • Domain Expiry Date: 12th November 2022
  • Email Address:
  • Company Address: Birmingham, B14, UK
  • Phone Number: Could not find 
  • Shipping Period: Could not find to check Is Zadeel Uk Legit or not.
  • Shipping Cost: Could not find
  • Refund: Could not find
  • Return: Could not find
  • Order Cancelation: Could not find
  • Exchange: Could not find
  • Replacement: Could not find
  • Customer Satisfaction: Could not find
  • Order Processing Time: Could not find
  • Payment Modes: Could not find
  • Social Media Available: Facebook, Instagram

Know the pros of Zadeel Uk Store:

  • Highly famous in the UK
  • Significantly low product pricing list
  • Positive feedback from the previous buyers

Know the cons of the shop with Zadeel Uk Reviews:

  • The website is not accessible as of now
  • Varying shipping costs on orders
  • Product images are misleading as per Zadeel Reviews

Can you trust Zadeel UK shop?

All we know is that Zadeel operates in the UK. Other details about the store are unavailable due to the unavailability of the official website.

  • Address Authenticity: Zadeel UK website’s address authenticity is located in Midlands, United Kingdom.
  • Trust Index: Since the website was created in 2016, it has created an 86% trust index with its products and business practices.
  • Reviews: The official website is loaded with numerous positive and mixed Zadeel Uk Reviews. For more honest reviews, you can visit third-party websites like TrustPilot, etc.
  • Website Age: It is created on 12-11-2016 and it is more than two years old. 
  • Plagiarism: Since the website is denying access, we cannot locate any plagiarism in the company’s details and the website’s published content. However, some customer reviews suggest that product pictures are duplicates and misleading.
  • Community Channel: It has a Facebook page to get the latest deals and genuine feedback from the YouTubers on Zadeel’s haul. 
  • Missing Details: As the Zadeel website is not working as of 11/01/2022, we could not find any legit company address, phone number or email address. 
  • Is Zadeel Uk Legit: Even though the official website is unavailable, the Zadeel store has received many reviews from its previous buyers. On average, the store has a 3.8 stars rating out of 5 stars, implying its fairly trustable factor.
  • Payment Methods: We could not find the payment methods because the official website has denied us access time and again.
  • Broken Links: The official website itself works as a broken link, limiting us from reading and analyzing the company.
  • Customer Feedback: Many reviews can be found on the official website, Facebook page, TrustPilot, and other websites.

It is better to read the store’s and its products’ Zadeel Uk Reviews online to analyze any website. We followed the same strategy to find the legitimate grounds of the Zadeel UK store. Although the official site is denying access to users, it has received much positive and mixed feedback from the buyers.

Customer reviews 

Some users stated how Zadeel UK delivered their ordered products in a haul package within the promised time. Many YouTubers have also uploaded Zadeel’s review to bring awareness among the purchasers. You can also read how to get a refund from the credit card if scammed to stay more aware. 


The Zadeel Uk Reviews mentions that the website has received an 86% trust index. Still, we suggest buyers to research more before they start a deal with the company and also check the social media platform and understand how to get a refund from PayPal for an item not received?

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