Y2 Mateta Com {Jan 2022} Find Reviews, Legitimacy Details!

In this article, we bring you exclusive reviews about a YouTube content importing website. Read about Y2 Mateta Com below.

Please note that Y2 Mateta.Com is also searched on the Worldwide internet as Y2Mate.com. Do you feel that YouTube content should be allowed to be imported freely? Though YouTube has the facility to import videos to watch when you are offline, do you feel importing it directly on your device makes it more portable?  

Y2Mate.com is a website that allows you to import YouTube videos in various formats directly onto your device. Let us read about Y2 Mateta Com.

Brief of Y2Mate.com:

Y2Mateta Com is popularly used to locate the Y2Mate.com website. There is no URL like https://www.Y2Mateta.Com on the internet. Y2Mate.com is a platform that allows you to import videos directly onto your device by pasting the URL of the video. You can convert videos into eight formats and choose video resolution between 144P to 1080P and audio quality at 128KBPS. 

Features of Y2Mate.com:

  • Import YouTube videos from https://www.y2mate.com. 
  • Linking to social media is not provided.
  • Physical Address is not specified for Y2Mate.com.
  • Terms, Conditions and Privacy policy is mentioned on Y2Mate.com but plagiarism is present.
  • Y2 Mateta Com Phone number is not present.
  • Email address is admin@y2mate.com.
  • Information about the owner is not present on Y2Mate.com.
  • Y2Mate.com does not provide newsletters.

Pros of Y2Mate:

  • Y2Mate.com can convert videos to WEBM, MOD, FLV, WMV, 3GP, M4V and MP4 formats,
  • Y2Mate.com allows you to import videos from Youku, Dailymotion, Facebook and YouTube, etc.
  • Y2Mate.com allows freely importing videos and music to your local device.

Cons of Y2Mate.com:

  • It is an unauthorized site to convert videos from various platforms,
  • Any social media platform does not endorse it for converting and importing their videos.

Is Y2 Mateta Com Legitimate?

  • Y2Mate.com was created on 10th August 2016 at 04:44:02 PM.
  • Y2Mate.com Expires on 10th August 2026 at 04:44:02 PM.
  • The website is 5 years, 4 months and 14 days old.
  • Y2Mate.com gets a 94% trust score.
  • Y2Mate.com has a great 264 ranking on Alexa.
  • Y2Mate.com originated in Panama.
  • Y2Mate.com is not blacklisted.
  • Y2Mate.com transfers data on the HTTPS protocol. 
  • Y2Mate.com does not have any social media pages.

Customers Y2Mate.com Reviews:

There are many positive reviews on the internet about Y2Mate.com. There is mixed feedback found on reliable reviewing sites about Y2 Mateta Com. There are positive reviews found on YouTube. There are no website and service reviews present on Y2Mate.com. It is not present on social media platforms. Hence, no reviews were found on social media sites.

Conclusion on Y2Mate.com:

Y2Mateta Com search results take you to Y2Mate.com. Y2Mate.com could be a potentially legitimate site due to its good trust score, great Alexa ranking and positive reviews. However, please note that YouTube, FB and other sites prohibit installing videos present on their platform and specify it as a punishable offense. Hence, we do not recommend Y2Mate.com.

Were reviews on Y2 Mateta Com informative? Please share your opinion about Is Y2Mate.com Legitimate below.

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