Xeno Aut {Sep 2021} Read To Explore Game New Updates!

This article on Xeno AUT discusses new game updates that players may use to keep their games interesting and maintain a competitive advantage.

Are you an active gamer on popular online gaming platforms? Do you love using online gaming platforms to play games? Or perhaps you’re looking for a fresh edition of one of your favourite online games? If that’s the case, this post will be useful to you.

AUT, or A Universal Time, a popular game on the Roblox gaming platform, has released a new version called Xeno AUT to its universe. Many AUT players and enthusiasts in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, the Philippines, and other countries have shown interest in learning more about the new upgrade. So, in this post, we’ll talk about the latest Xeno release.

About A Universal Time 

A Universal Time, sometimes known as AUT, is an online game available on the online gaming platform called Roblox. The Universe Time Studio developed this famous action adventure game based on numerous films, anime series, and video games. AUT often introduces newly upgraded stands to its universe, such as the Xeno AUT, to keep players intrigued in the game. This game’s popularity may be evidenced by the fact that it has been assessed over 176 million times and is rated as a favourite by over 570 thousand players on Roblox gaming platform.

About King Crimson: Alternate Universe

Since Xeno is a new upgrade to the King Crimson: Alternate Universe or the KCAU stand, you need to be familiar with the stand first before learning more about Xeno. The King Crimson: Alternate Universe is a humanoid stand inspired by the little novel named Jorge Joestar. KCAU uses the non-canonical King Crimson version, and Xeon is an upgrade to it.

About Xeno AUT

The new edition of King Crimson: Alternate Universe is known as Xeno. Xeno’s major powers are various punches, attacks, and strikes that all deliver a significant amount of damage to the opponent. It also includes a sub stand called Epitaph on its head, which, when activated, gives the user a counter that reverses most stand powers and movements. Xeno is a humanoid stand that wears black armor with neon stripes and resembles King Crimson. Epitaph wears a white helmet on its head, while Xeno’s face is obscured by neon lines. The only way to get Xeno AUT is by utilizing the Universe Orb on King Crimson.  Check here full detail on Roblox Generator.


Xeno, a powerful humanoid stand, is a new version of the popular little novel character King Crimson. Players and fans in all countries will love the new Xeno, who does real damage to opponents when their health is below 50% and can run quicker and avoid cringe attacks faster. See A Universal Time or AUT fan wiki website  for more information.

Are you excited about the new Xeno AUT? If yes, let us know which new abilities of Xeno you are looking forward to.

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