Xbcdc Reviews {March} Is It Good Place To Buy Or Scam?

Xbcdc Online Website Reviews

The article tries to find the essential information about the online shop by doing Xbcdc Reviews correctly and in detail.        

Do you want to buy different types of sheds? Here is an online store that offers you these kinds of items. The name of the virtual store is- XBCDC.COM, sells this kind of shed to the customers.

Many buyers from the United States buy these products.

So, we have decided to find out some basic information and data about this online store. So the customers get accurate information about this online store. Our research and discussion can give the right idea about this store by doing proper Xbcdc Reviews

What Do You Know About the Website? 

As per our exclusive research, we find out much top-rated information that will describe the store. The virtual store sells many shed products.

The products are included- plastic bike shed, polycarbonate storage shed, plastic tool shed, storage shed to the customers.

Our research says the buyers should sign up first to avail all the services from the website. New customers also need to register with the website to check all the phenomenon information.

Due to these registration protocols, we should find out the data: Is Xbcdc Legit

The Elementary Data of the Website

Our research finds out much essential data about the virtual store. Let’s check all the information. 

  • Domain Creation– 15/03/2021.
  • URL – https://www.xbcdc.com/
  • Address- The location address is- 2691 Main St, Riverside, CA 92501.
  • Communication Information: Only an email id is provided.  
  • Items: Sheds for storage, Bikeshed, Garbage shed, sheds for tools etc.
  • Return Rules- 14 days return policy available.
  • Refund Policy: Refunds days are not cleared. But they offer standard refund methods.
  • Shipping Methods- The website offers a 5-7 days delivery policy for domestic customers, and Xbcdc Reviews says the international buyers will get the products in 1-2 weeks. 
  • Shipping Cost: Anything under 69.99 USD, the shipping charges will be 34 USD.
  • Paying Policy– Paypal, American Express, JCB, Visa and Discover etc.
  • Social Media Availability: No social media icons are displayed on the website.

The Reasons Buy from the Store

There are many reasons one can buy from the store.

  1. The virtual store is offering a discount on the best 10 buyers.
  2. The website provides proper shipping, refund and returns policies to the customers.
  3. As per the Xbcdc Reviews – the website deals with various shed products.

The Cons of Buying from the Website

But there are many reasons that one can’t buy from the store.

  1. The website asks for shipping charges.
  2. The shipping cost and other costs are liable to the customers.
  3. The prices of the products are very costly.
  4. The contact information is not correctly published on the site. The website does not mention any phone number or customer care number for the customers.
  5. Most interestingly, we don’t find any customer feedback on the website.

Is Xbcdc Legit

  • Domain Creation:  Website was created on March 15, 2021. So, the website is just very new.
  • Trust Factor: Our extensive research says the website’s trust score is just 1 percent, which is very low score.  
  • HTTPS Protocols: Most interestingly, our analysis finds out the HTTPS protocols. So, technically the website is not secured for the users.
  • Alexa Ranking:  Research finds the Alexa ranking is 7379174. 
  • Founder’s Information– No founder(s) data is available on the website. 
  • Social Media Preference: Our expert research doesn’t find any social media page or link on the site. 
  • Website Policy: Website policy is not customer friendly. 

Xbcdc Reviews – Customer’s Feedback

Most interestingly, our research doesn’t find any customer feedback on the website. Our extensive study searches the other sources, and many buyers have complained that they receive counterfeit products from the website.

We explore that customers don’t find solutions to exchange, return and refund issues. Many complained they don’t receive refunds also. 

For these reasons, you can explore- How to Beware from Online Scam


In the conclusion part, we can say we have done extensive research on the website. After proper validation and examination of the website, the Xbcdc Reviews indicate many negative points. 

Our research also finds that the website is suspicious on many vital sections, so you can stop buying from the site for the time being. 

Moreover, to stop this kind of hassle, you can also check the link about the buying process online.  

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Have You Bought from the Website? Please share your experience.

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