5 Tips for Writing a Standout College Admission Coursework Essay

How to Writing a Standout College Admission Coursework Essay

There are several criteria used to judge college applicants, but the one that gives you the biggest opportunity to prove yourself is the college essay. This allows you to distinguish yourself from others and can be the difference between gaining admission into the university or not. If you write an excellent or standout college admission essay, your chances of getting accepted into the university are very high. Since you’re here, here are five tips to consider for your college admission coursework essay. 

One of the things to consider in your essay is how you want to be perceived by the admissions officers. What should they think about your activities and personality after reading your essay? The goal for many students is for the admission board to see or perceive them as academically ambitious, responsible and dependable. While these are excellent goals for your essay, you also have to consider the essay as part of your classwork. Since you’ve taken several advanced classes, it’s possible that your classwork already proves to them that you’re determined and studious.

So, it makes sense to try and highlight another quality or feature of your personality. Apart from developing an image of your character, you can also feature other parts of your life in your college admission essay that wasn’t reflected in pre-college coursework. 

  • Distinguish yourself from other applicants

This is a much easier strategy to think about for international students. You’re different from American students who mostly stay back for college education in America. However, being an international student is not enough to gain admission. You can leverage this status by referencing your culture’s strengths without elaborating at length. You can do this within two sentences, making them pay more attention to you. Ensure not to restrict yourself to just being an international student. Think about other things you can add to your essay.

  • Contribute to the institution

 The college admissions board is always looking for students who can help improve other students’ educational experience. They are looking for ways you can add to the life and learning of other students. Being an international student also gives you an edge. 

Education generally aims to widen people’s experiences so they can realize the limits of their intellect and grow beyond them. Your advantage as an international student is that you allow cultural diversity. But while this is true, don’t assume the admissions board knows it. So ensure to mention it within your essay with a sentence or two. You can also make other contributions to the learning and social environment of the campus. 

  • Include specific details in your essay writing

Writing in fine detail is essential to producing something excellent and memorable. You can give a stronger impression on the admission boards if you are more specific with your details. This is an attribute of Superiorpaper writing services, and it allows you to make a strong impression that makes it easier to remember your college essay. 

As you write your essay, there are specific questions that you have to ask yourself. Some of these are:

  • Are there any specific examples or instances that prove what you’re saying?
  • Is it possible to add imagery (shapes or colors) to make the essay more interesting?
  • Is it possible to replace general nouns such as car or class with other specific information such as Honda Civic or Honors Geometry?

You may think that you prefer to allow your record to speak for itself rather than boast about your personality. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this with college admission essays. Although you’re not expected to sound boastful or arrogant, trying to be modest won’t do you any good, nor will it help your chances of getting admission. So instead, the admission officers expect you to celebrate yourself by stating your personality and strengths to help them make an accurate and quick judgment about you.  

  • Show college-level diction

Your diction is a crucial part of your writing. The words you use and how you choose to use them show a lot about your intellect, education and personality. Furthermore, if you’re an international student, this is an opportunity for you to prove to the admissions board that you’re proficient in your command and use of the English language. As far as the admissions board is concerned, you have to participate actively in English-only instructions, and they need you to do that to succeed. 

So when you’re writing your college essay, ensure to prove your diction by replacing lower-level words such as bad, nice, sad, and opportunity with higher-level words such as appalling, comforting, despondent, and opportunity. You can look up ACT/SAT vocabulary words that you can add to your essay. Also, ensure to remove slang and casual diction from your essay. You won’t have to worry about any of these if you hire the best homework services to help you. 


Writing an excellent college admissions essay is crucial to your chances of being accepted into a university. So learning to do it the right way is as important. This article discusses a few tips that can help you out. 

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