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The below post will help write a guest post about Write for Us Resume and the benefits and guidelines for a guest post for interested writers.  

Are you an enthusiast of resumes and CVs? Do you want to share your Resume writing knowledge and experience, which can help people grow in different fields? No need to be in a dilemma because a guest post gives that opportunity. Writers can express their thoughts, observations, skills, and experiences through guest post blogs according to the selected topic of their field. 

But before you start writing, first look at the benefits and guidelines that will help you write the post. Kindly read carefully about the Write for Us Resume and contact details for the same purpose. 

Know About the Marifilmines site 

Marifilmines is a site created last year to provide readers with clear and authentic information and review details. Our dedicated team is constantly working hard to establish a reputation in the industry and attract readers’ attention. 

Over time our scope of work has broadened, and the ability to provide the best quality news piece, website reviews, product reviews, etc., has increased immensely. As many new writers want to write about resumes on a guest post, we are sharing your factors to keep in mind while writing your write-up and want to publish the same. 

Check Guidelines: Write For Us Resume Blog Guest Post

  • The contents of the blog shouldn’t be copied. Hence it should be unique and different from the other website’s post, and no plagiarism should be there. 
  • The blog should not contain any grammatical mistakes. 
  • The written blog should contain informative and knowledgeable content and true information. 
  • Words limit for the article should not be more than 500-1000 words respectively. 
  • If the topic you selected has vast information and cannot be shared in one post, an external link can always be attached after writing 80% of the blog and boldly highlighting it with green. 
  • No promotional content should be included in the article. 
  • One of the crucial factors in writing a guest post is that the spam score should not be more than three. 
  • During the writing process of Write For Us + Resume Blogalways make headings and subheadings to enhance the readability score. Using words related to any religion, impulsive in nature, aggressive, and indecent to hear is prohibited. 
  • The language of the contents of the blog should be easy and simple to understand.

Guidelines are to be followed by the writers, but they must also be curious about guest posting on this platform. Move forward in the article to find out the benefits provided for guest post writers. 

Benefits of a Guest post 

  • Writing a valuable blog on guest posts will help you build a reputation in the market and improve your expertise and knowledge. 
  • Resume Blog “Write For Us” ensures readers traffic to your post and will also be beneficial for the future. It will gain a better ranking under different ranges of keywords in the particular category. 
  • An essential benefit is that if you become a regular blogger of the guest post and start blogging regularly, the readers will begin acknowledging your work and help you understand different perspectives and points of view. 
  • Another way to increase reader traffic is to explore other fields by writing about different topics in different niches. If the readers find it knowledgeable, they will start sharing your blogs and links with others. 
  • If you are already a business owner by chance, you can also write about Write For Us + “Resume Blog” to broaden your work horizons and gain more exposure. 

You must know our contact details to contact us after writing your post. Let’s move forward with the contact info header. 

How to find us? 

If you are keen to work with us and follow the guidelines and benefits, and If you have written a post about any topic you want to share, you can share it with us; after writing the blog, you can send it to us at team22.marifilmines@gmail.com.

We look forward to working with new and passionate talents who aim to grow through our platform. Our team will get in touch with you after receiving your email. So start writing your blog and connect with us. 


Suppose you are interested in writing about Write for Us Resume. In that case, you need to follow certain instructions given in the article and avail yourself of the benefits of the guest post before writing about your Resume on our platform to prevent your write-up from getting rejected by our team from publishing. 

You can continue connecting with the readers through guest posts by writing regularly and gaining traffic. 

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