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Write for Us Positivity has shared guidelines and procedures for writing guest post content on Marifilmines.com.

Do you believe positive thought and action can change many things around us? Are you an expert in Yoga, mindfulness, and spirituality that has the power to bring positivity to one’s life? There are various ways to refresh one’s mind and body from daily stress and bring positive life changes.

Marifilmines Com is inviting all the contributors that can write on positivity and help the reader better their lives. Write for Us Positivity guest posts will give experts and writers access to thousands of visitors visiting its site daily.

About Marifilimines Com Website:

Marifilmines publishes articles belonging to niches: news, reviews, and crytocurrency on its platform. These articles are published daily for thousands of visitors coming to its site. Every category has its audience, and the website keeps varying its composition based on the readership of the content.

Online shoppers can find legit parameters and other details of the e-commerce platform in its website review section, while product details are analyzed in product reviews. The news section of the media covers all the current events that have global importance.

Write For Us Positivity Blog Guest Post:

As discussed, Marifilmines specializes in creating content on news, website review, and product reviews attracting visitors from these niches. Its guest post initiative is a step forward in making this website deliver posts under additional niches. The website increases its opportunity to attract additional visitors from other niches and gives more options to its regular readers.

Companies, institutions, and platforms looking to promote their products and service can use this opportunity to promote their brand. They can also divert some traffic on their portal by adding two backlinks to the guest post. Write For Us + Positivity Blog has something for all the parties involved as consumers and producers in this initiative. 

What Type of Content is accepted by Marifilmines Com?

  • The article should be created after thorough research and backed by facts and figures.
  • The website used for research should be sent as a link with articles.
  • We will only accept articles related to positivity.
  • Each article should be proofread before submitting it.
  • Companies should not write articles to promote their product or services.

Benefits for contributors from Positivity guest posts:

Some of the benefits contributors to the positivity guest post can expect from the Positivity Blog “Write For Us”  initiative are mentioned below.

  • The guest post will benefit from organic traffic on the website; it will get a ready-made audience.
  • They will get eyeballs for the product and service they intend to promote through the post.
  • They can also increase their chances of a sale by diverting traffic to their website.
  • Readership will also give them a measure of acceptance among the general public.
  • The writer can judge their performance by checking various metrics for the post.

Guidelines for Writing Guest post on Marifilmines Com:

Some procedures are listed below, and every writer and expert on positivity is expected to follow them while developing content for Write For Us + “Positivity Blog” guest post. These guidelines are essential for ranking articles in SERP.

  • A grammar score of 100 is expected for each article, and they should try to submit error-free content.
  • The minimum length of the article should be 1000 words.
  • The article should follow all the SEO guidelines of search engines.
  • The title of the content should be short and attention-grabbing.
  • Heading and subheading should contain content that relates to it.
  • The link should not contain a spam score of more than 2-3%.
  • The article should be free of any plagiarism.
  • The language used in writing the content should be simple and understandable by the average reader.
  • Write for Us Positivity post should have two quality links attached to it.
  • Most of the articles should be written in active voice, and passive voice should be avoided.
  • An article that is based on positivity will only be accepted.
  • The contributor should create content that engages the audience for a brief period.

Topics that can be covered under Positivity Guest post

  • Articles on mind and body.
  • Topics related to yoga and meditation.
  • Topic on positivity and fun.
  • Article on motivation, goal, and planning.

Application procedure for Positivity Guest post: 

Motivational and other positivity writers interested in developing content for Marifilmines Com guest post can contact us at team22.marifilmines@gmail.com.


The Write for Us Positivity post is a unique opportunity for experts and writers on positive changes. They can use it to connect with thousands of visitors coming to the platform .Any writer or contributor having doubts about the guest post can mail us at the above-given address or share their concern in the comment section.

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