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The article Write for Us Light , illustrates the ways and essential topics to be covered by the guest post author and the submission rules.

Do you know the scientific term for the light that is visible to our human eyes? Do you know its frequency? The answer is visible light, which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. “Light” refers to a positive effect. We always hope that light brightens our home and mood. So our website has decided to bring excellent information about the light. The writers can gear up their experience and share it with the world through our “Write for Us Light” article.

Introduction to our Website

In earlier days, newspapers were responsible for delivering accurate information, but in this digital world, websites are accountable for their information, which has increased our responsibility further. So whenever we post a topic, it has accurate data and research work, which is why we have reached the hearts of many people, not only local readers but also international audiences.

Our area of expertise includes

Topics include science, news, entertainment, real estate, digital currencies, legal acts, product and website reviews, gaming, food habits, diets, natural health, and so on.

Our expectations for  “Write For Us Light Blog Guest Post

Light is something that nourishes our lives. When we hear the term light, we usually think of our room’s led lights. That is perfectly correct. But guest post topics are not limited to one room but have to address the whole universe. So we want our guest post writers to widen their perspectives on the topic of light.

  • Masters and PhD graduates of physics can participate in these guest posts. They can deal with the recent inventions in light energy because, recently, China has been producing its artificial sun. So we want to enhance the knowledge of our readers by publishing exciting Write For Us + Light Blog topics like this.
  • Physics graduates can pick up essential topics like light sources, incandescence, luminescence, etc.
  • Interior designers and architects should also contribute their work, including the most recent lighting effects and trendy designs.
  • Light is not always associated with scientific terms. We use lights in our daily activities. Authors can choose practical topics like solar lights, usage of led lights, etc.

We want our guest post contributors to broaden their horizons, so we will make some suggestions.

  • Perfect lighting requirements for work and studies.
  • Decorative lights.
  • Natural and artificial lights.
  • Sources of lights.
  • Sharing the Tips to utilize the lights efficiently through our Light Blog “”Write For Us””  article
  • Lights business.
  • Latest theories and inventions on lights.
  • Current consumption of each light.

Documentation Rules

  • The article should be presented coherently.
  • Grammar and spelling mistakes have to be avoided at any cost. Writers can make use of online tools for proofreading. Believe us; it’s only a small gesture that reflects the author’s sincerity towards the work.
  • Authors must give credit to any invention, research, theories, or invention.
  • word limit of the article varies from 500 to 1200.
  • Writers have to include proper subheading styles and indentation.
  • Don’t use copied images. Write For Us + “”Light Blog””” Writers are free to use their images for illustration.
  • All the work should belong to the writer. Don’t copy another writer’s work.

Prevailing benefits

  • The newsletter option is a boon to our website, and we pass the boon wishes to our guest post author. Yes, our users will receive updates regarding the guest post. As a result, it boosts the article’s search ranking and impressions.
  • Guest post authors will get more exposure to our readers. They can get to know the tastes and expectations of the viewers.

How to submit

We have designed a simple system to accept the applications to avoid more confusion. Write for Us Light Writers must send their articles via this mail address : team22.marifilmines@gmail.com. Our editorial team may suggest some corrections for the selected articles, so we request the writers to modify the article accordingly. Writers have to send the articles in Word or Google Doc format. Avoid sending that in pdf form. 

If they want, guest post authors can send their previous works, but our evaluation process will be done on this topic alone. Our team will respond to the writers in 1 or 2 days. Delays may happen, but we won’t neglect any of their work.


The selected Write for Us Light articles will be notified through each person’s mail ID. And it will be a transparent and genuine process. We respect each article and the time taken by the writers. So please don’t share any plagiarised content on our platform. Let us ignite the minds of people with our knowledge lights., Click here to learn more about light.  

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