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Do you have profound knowledge of Hospitality? Can you share your knowledge on writing guest posts with our portal? Then we are giving you a writing opportunity for our portal on Hospitality. Therefore, those eager to share their knowledge on the concerned topic and want to write it down can connect with us.

Hence we should discuss the portal, which is concerned with guest post writing on Hospitality, and then the guidelines we need to remember and the benefits of Write for Us Hospitality.

About Our Portal: Marifilmines.co

Our popularity has maintained for the last few years for its well-informed and well-researched content. Here, the readers will get information about which websites are legit and which are spam. Besides spreading awareness to our readers, our portal also keeps our readers updated with the trending news daily.

 For this work, more than 250 writers are only dedicated to the writing purpose. There is a 25-member team who is concerned with the editing of the written content. More than 6 people are also committed to quality checking. Those who will write guest posts certainly get some benefits. Let us review those benefits.

The Benefits Of Write For Us Hospitality Blog Guest Post

  • You can get a readymade platform for your content and reach an audience worldwide.
  • You can give information about Hospitality to the readers of our portal. Hence they can be introduced to the various aspects of Hospitality. You can help our readers to gain knowledge.
  • If you select the right keywords, your content will always be high in SEO and therefore get more traffic than usual.
  • Through your regular write-up, you can create your readers and can connect with via the comment section.

We have checked the benefits of writing a guest post. Let us describe the guidelines that must be followed while writing a guest post for our portal.

Write for Us Hospitality: Guidelines

  • The content must carry valuable information regarding the given topic. So, people can learn something important after reading your write-up.
  • The content must be fully created on the writer’s own. Copying from other content is strictly prohibited. Content should be unique and 100% plagiarism free.
  • Before submission, you must check your writing on Grammarly as you need to score above 98.
  • The use of an external link is necessary. The external link is to be made in bold and green to get highlighted to the viewers. External links help the readers to get more information about the concerned topic.
  • In Write For Us + “Hospitality Blog”the usage of language must be simple and easily understood by the readers.
  • You should write your content by following the instructed word limits. Written content must not be less or more than the given word limit.
  • A proper heading is necessary at the beginning of the content. After that, subheadings should be used as per requirement.

After discussing the guidelines, we must check who can apply for such a content creation opportunity. 

Who Are Eligible To Apply

  • Those who can write well and have knowledge of various things. Someone who can get information by searching the internet is welcome to write this guest post.
  • For Write For Us + Hospitality Blogone needs to know about SEO, Blog writing, etc.
  • Those who have adaptation and resilient power can apply for such opportunities.

Topics Of Writing On Hospitality

  • How can one improve Hospitality in a hotel without affecting other services?
  • Discussion on the cultural difference influences Hospitality in different places.
  • Impact of Hospitality service in increasing tourism for that place.
  • Which kind of Hospitality attracts more tourists while travelling?

How To Reach Us

For any query, you can mail us at team22.marifilmines@gmail.com. We will reach out as soon as possible after receiving the mail. Also, if you have sample articles for Hospitality Blog “Write For Us”, you can send them to us. We will check your content’s quality and tell you whether it is up to the mark or if you need to improve. 


We will advise the writers applying for the guest post to follow all the instructions mentioned above and apply if they are eligible for this writing opportunity. The benefits one can get from such writing are already discussed. Please don’t give copied content, as it can reject your entire write-up.

We suggest the readers grab the opportunity of Write for Us Hospitality. To learn more about Hospitality, click here.  

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