Write for Us Home and Garden – Check Essential Protocol!

The article discusses the basic features of the Write for Us Home and Garden and describes some basic rules to avail the opportunity.

Do you know anything about home and garden? Do you know how many companies want promotional activities in this niche? That is the reason the demand for content is growing on this particular matter. People also want to know about the home and garden.

For this reason, many people can start writing on this and submit it to the prestigious content portal. The portal needs contributor writers who can write on this particular subject; due to this reason, you need to know about Write for Us Home and Garden

What Do You Know About Marifilmines? 

Marifilmines is a great platform that allows writers to contribute blogs, articles, news and product reviews on many niches. Marifilmines provide content on tough subjects like modern technology, digital currency, travel, business and many more.

The company also provides an article on the subject like home and garden. We happily invite authors who can write content on this particular matter. The writers must write blogs, guest blogs, news articles and reviews of products in the home and garden.

Who Can Apply for Writing Home and Garden Guest Post? 

If you have a writing and research spirit, you can send your writing proposal to the Marifilmines. But make sure you follow specific rules and regulations as well. Check out the laws of the application.

  1. The authors should know the niche well for the Write For Us + Home and Garden. As it is a very particular niche, we expect the authors should have some knowledge of the matter.
  2. Understand the format of the content our readers like. For this reason, you can check our portal and try to understand the structure of the content drafting.
  3. We value the works of the writers. For this reason, Marifilmines invites all the writers irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, and ethnicity. We believe in work.
  4. We believe in research and informative content. The contributors should have provided important information and data content must carry the simplicity and proper documentation of the data links.
  5. The writers need to choose the current and interesting topic on this. It will enrich the content segment of our portal. 
  6. The spam score should not go beyond 3%.

Home and Garden “Write For Us” The SEO Link

Don’t forget to follow the Search Engine Optimization rules for the content. It will bring more traffic to the Merifilmines portal and a massive readership to your content.

  1. Write the content between the word limits of 800-1000 words.
  2. Follow the instructions on the position of the keywords. It is essential for the content.
  3. Don’t spin the content or copy-paste from the reference content. We will not accept any spinning content.
  4. The content must follow the Zero Plagiarism rules as well. Merifilmines follows the strict rules of free plagiarism content.

What Do You Know About Benefits of Write Marifilmines 

For Write For Us + “Home and Garden”, the contributors will get huge advantages. We promise that if you write for our portal, we will help you with content creation. Note down the essential benefits of writing Marifilmines.

  1. Our writer will gain more knowledge on content creation. We are a technical enable content provider. We understand modern content writing and serve our clients the same. For this reason, we also teach our contributors about technically facilitating content writing.
  2. Marifilmines is a famous portal. It has millions of readers. Therefore, if you write for us, you will gain a lot of readership and traffic to your content.

How to Submit the Content to Us? 

The content writers follow some submission rules for Write For Us Home and Garden Guest Post. Generally, we revert back the contributors within 24 hours. But we also hope the content writer will send us a fresh, original and exciting copy to the email id: team22.marifilmines@gmail.com.

We also need to clarify that Marifilmines will have full authority to edit the content for publication purposes and hold the copyright of the content. The writers should respect the rules and follow that.

The Final Countdown 

We understand the hard work and dedication of the content creators. For this reason, we give them many opportunities for the Write for Us Home and Garden segment. You will get the best way to prove yourself as a content writer. 

Send us the content on this particular topic and gain knowledge. You can start writing for us. You can also get any assistance on the topic.

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  1. I ordered an item from them almost 2 weeks ago. I have yet to receive a tracking number and when I email them 4 times now I have gotten no reply. I also went to the site and put in my confirmation number and it pulls nothing up nor does it find anything in my recent purchases. PayPal is the same in recent activities. I bought from thembecauseit was through PayPal and figured it was a trusted site do to PayPal payments but I’m beginning to think I got scammed

  2. I ordered a motorcycle shed and a 8×20 shed.
    Tracking # says it’s been delivered. I never received them. Totally a scam in my view. I just threw
    out money I didn’t have.

  3. I placed an order over 2 weeks ago! No one will respond to my emails and I have no idea where order#7277022576 is for Olivia Bentley….or if it even exists!!! Christmas for a little girl! Wow thanks a lot!!!

    • Hello Marie liles, did they send any dispatch date? We feel sad, as it was a Christmas gift for a little girl and you have not received it. You can try for a refund with the payment company. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  4. Ordered a product on December 9 2021. Still waiting to receive 😪
    Would like to hear from others on the legitimacy of this site.

  5. I ordered this vanity computer desk thing they claimed to have on sale for $40 and 10 bucks in shipping so I ordered it and I received an email from them with confirmation and my order number and now I’ve sent almost 10 emails with no reply I am able to send emails but not use their phone number provided and I would like to know how to report them and get my money back!!! They’re advertising this certain product on Facebook and of course it seems too good to be true so I would really like help on figuring out how to do this with reporting the website and trying to get my trying to get my money back

    • I think you and I have ordered the same desk. I have had the exact same experience as you. Just today I tried again to send the company an email and this time it bounced back with a “mailer-Demon”. Now what do we do??? Request cash back from paypal??

  6. I placed an order on Dec 11, 2021. Never received a confirmation email or any response to the 2 emails I sent. Luckily I used PayPal and don’t see a charge for the item but I would have been able to receive a refund through PayPal.

    • Same thing here! It’s been almost a month! 3 emails and no reply! Phone number doesn’t work they put in the page for me either! Ugh! I knew it was too good to be true! I’m gonna check my PayPal and try and dispute it!

      • Hello Jamie, it’s a long-time gap and no reply. It indicates they must be scammers. Yes, you said it right, go for a refund and get your money back. Please let us know the details. Be cautious. Take care. Thanks.

  7. I bought Cookware from them over 2 months ago and have yet to receive anything I have tried numerous times to contact them via email no response have tried calling the number on their website goes direct to a busy signal this is the worst kind of scam I have ever seen they are nothing but Thieves!

  8. I ordered on December 7 a Minimalist Modern HighEnd Dressing Table it was for a Christmas gift and nothing has arrived. I tried to contact them by email but not respond.

    • Hello Diana, we feel sad, even Christmas gifts are not dispatched. No response, indicates they are for sure scammers. Go for a refund option. It will be better to take your money back. Let us know. Take care.

  9. Order from them on Dec 9. It shows payment received, no tracking #. Still have not heard from them. It’s Jan. 3rd.

  10. This company is a scam. I ordered a package from them over a month ago have sent emails and still nothing. STAY AWAY FROM THEM WARNING

  11. I ordered the dressing table on Jan 1. I checked the site and it no longer excists and the customer service email is no longer valid. I did a chargeback and got my money back. I didnt use paypal to pay.

  12. Got scammed by this fake company over Christmas through Facebook. It had a sponsor ad pop up selling makeup vanity for $39.99. The site looked legitimate and even had a place to login and create account on website and even had PayPal as pay. Was told all orders through Facebook and the response from the company replying back to comments it would arrive before Christmas. I waiting until New Year’s and still no shipment I contacted PayPal and got my money back. I did received Emails of conformation from company, they sent me the day I ordered from them and my money left my account that day through PayPal. I really felt bad, because there was over 3,000 comments of women who ordered this table as well as me. I really knew something was wrong when I couldn’t comment on the post on Facebook anymore yet other people was. I ended up finding a new post someone left that day and contacted her on Facebook and she said, she hadn’t received her either. We both realized we’d be scammed. I tried to contact Facebook to let them know about this site and what was going on, but they messaged me back and said, it wasn’t they couldn’t do anything because the video and website didn’t go against Facebook guidelines. I now see the website and video of makeup vanity is completely gone from Facebook and you can no longer login to Ukshopnow website. I’m sure all the women who ordered this has hit PayPal up on company and refunds this week which made them do a investigation on company. Too bad they can just create a new one and do it again. But that’s my story on this fake company.

    • Hi Kelly M., Hope you are well! I must appreciate your efforts in raising your voice to the FB group. But it is a sad side of the story that there is nothing that could help the thousands of buyers. We would advise you to read our blogs as we try to specify many of the website’s reviews for our readers. THis way we can help each other. Take care.

  13. I ordered a product on November 30 and still have yet to receive it. I have sent over 10 emails with no reply. I paid through paypal but am unable to get a refund.

  14. so i done a order then email saying what date should i expect it and got email back saying email address not found looks like ill be doing a refund good old paypal

  15. Hi, My name is Ingrid I ordered a Vanity Desk in December 30, 2021
    I have not received any information about the purchase I made. I paid about 59 dollars.
    I write to them and they do not respond, now I think it was a robbery

  16. I ordered the same dressing vanity table from FaceBook, i shouldve known it was a scam. I guess PayPal will let anyone through. I emailed them a bunch of times and i finally got a reply that the email address is no good! Try to get your money back.
    *****Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
    service@ukshopnow.com (service@ukshopnow.com)
    Your message couldn’t be delivered. Despite repeated attempts to deliver your message, querying the Domain Name System (DNS) for the recipient’s domain location information failed. ******

  17. I ordered a vanity computer desk Dec 8th, have yet to receive it! I thought I really did my background check on this! I am really upset with myself! I never order things like this!!😭 I guess like the other emails just reach out to PayPal for my refund?

    • Hello Connie, we feel sad, you have not received your order. Many of them have dropped the same review. Check if they send else to try for a refund option. Please go through all the reviews before any transactions. Be aware. Take care. Thank you.

  18. I ordered 7612025668 12/13/21 now almost 5 months later no product, no responses to emails. I have disputed the charge with my bank and they’re doing an investigation.

    • Hello, It’s a long time, you have not received your order. Better reach with the payment company, however, you paid and ask for a refund. It is the last option buyers need to reach and tackle such situations.


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