Write For Us Crypto News Guest Post: Writing Rules!

The article, Write For Us Crypto News Guest Post discusses the essential qualifications for becoming a guest blog author for Marifilmines website.

Do you want to test your current-events knowledge? Can you play a guessing game? Tell us about the person, Satoshi Nakamoto, associated with which field of invention. If you answered that within seconds, you are the apt person to write our guest post articles. Yes, Satoshi is an anonymous name of the creator who introduced the cryptocurrency in 2009. We recently read a lot of crypto news and decided to publish it through Write For Us Crypto News Guest Post

About our website

The Marifilmines.com site is known for its credible information, so we have been able to secure many audiences from all age groups. We want to provide evidence of our claims. Our website has an SEO score of around 76%, which means people are choosing our website for more details about various topics, which includes reviews of the latest products and websites, which significantly helps people to stay aware of fake products and malicious websites.

In particular, we have a separate section on crypto, which includes digital investments, cryptocurrency, bitcoins, blockchain technology, etc., so we would like to enhance our range of topics and invite guest post contributors to shower their knowledge.

Qualities for “Write for Us Crypto News

Recently, crypto has been in the news daily, so we decided to publish a guest post on that topic. Crypto and its associated news always deal with market trends, investment options, etc. the current myth is that crypto is a volatile currency and unsafe investment option. The truth is that stocks and crypto have similar characteristics, but people are unaware of that, so they need to read a lot about crypto news to know about the real thing. The writers should create their works by justifying the crypto news topics.

  • We are not strictly expecting the graduates to write about Write For Us + Crypto News topics because graduate degrees related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are slowly emerging, so people with more experience in cryptocurrencies can make their attempts.
  • Experts in the digital investment sector can discuss cryptocurrency’s myths and their performance in each economic factors.
  • When we read about the crypto news, we will come across terms like “proof of work”, “decentralized organization”, “holding electro-optical system”, etc. all those are technical terms and difficult to read the further news without knowing the foundations. Hence we request our writers to elaborate on each crypto-related term so that it would be beneficial for their future references.
  • Crypto News “”Write For Us”” Writers can refer to these topics : Ethereum’s rise and fall reasons, blockchain technology guidelines, government regulations on holding cryptocurrency, providing information about bitcoins, dogecoins, monero, etc.

General guidelines

Every article should adhere to the following rules mandatorily: Because these rules make a good article, we expect all the authors to implement them in their respective articles.

  • The word limit can be varied according to the topic. But it must have at least 500 words.
  • Make sure the entire article is plagiarism free.
  • Highlight the keywords and links appropriately.
  • An excellent article is one that understandably conveys the information without grammar and spelling errors.
  • Write For Us + “”Crypto News””” Writers should provide their unbiased views on cryptocurrency. We are not advertising any investments, so please write accordingly.
  • Usage of headings is a must. So split the paragraph

SEO guidelines 

  • Writers should always include backlinks (both internal and external), as their importance in SEO optimisation is higher.
  • The proper use of keywords is essential to maximising the benefits of SEO, thus the writer must incorporate them without making them appear packed.

Benefits can be obtained

  • Our platform provides opportunities to expose their hidden talent via guest post articles. It may lead to many future chances for the writers because our platform is large enough to have many monthly impressions.
  • Writers can also be able to create a good customer relationship.
  • Our website is active on LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. So we will be able to create more web impressions via those forums.

Way to submit the article

Write For Us Crypto News Guest Post contributors can send their articles through the mail ID infomarifilmine@gmail.com. Some experienced writers can also send links to their respective websites and email addresses. It will assist us in learning about their previous work. But don’t attach that website link along with the article. Our Marifilmines editorial team may decide whether to attach it or not. 

Writers can also submit their queries regarding selecting topics and ways to present them. We can also share the target audience’s interests. If needed, ask us via the mail address. 


Our editorial team owns all rights to the chosen guest posts. It is a standard scenario in our writing field, so Write For Us Crypto News Guest Post writers must know this rule. Satoshi Nakamoto the crypto creator, did great things anonymously but our website didn’t publish any articles anonymously. We give our recognition to the writers. 

Learn more about crypto here.

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