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The below-written article will get you all the information about Write For Us + Crypto Article guest post.

Are you a strategist who knows everything about the share market, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and blockchain, etc.? Do you love to recommend these digital-era currencies? Your knowledge can enrich many people. How? Let’s see.

Recently we have been looking for dynamic writers for guest posts on strategist marketing of cryptos and bitcoins etc. You have also contacted us about Write For Us + Crypto Article. Let’s give you a tour of the guidelines and other requirements. 

All about marifilmines.com-

Our website is an old player in serving the readers with recent news, productive reviews, general reviews, legitimacy checks of websites, market trends, etc. Our strong team is the backbone of this website. We also disseminate knowledge about cryptocurrency and other options related to it. 

We seek potential dynamic guest post writers who can all add value to our strong team. We need probable writing for posts for cryptocurrency, bitcoins blockchains, etc. You can grab this opportunity by following some important guidelines.

Crypto Article Write for Us– Guidelines

  • You have to use the given keywords properly with suitable colors.
  • You should maintain a good Grammarly score of 99+.
  • No promotional activity should be mentioned in your article.
  • You should not mention any hack, trick, or tip with a money-making guarantee.
  • Write For Us Crypto Article Guest Post should not exceed the word limit.
  • Maintain a spam score of less than 3%.
  • Avoid any phrase or word that can leave an impression of violence or abuse.
  • Maintain clarity of the article through headings and subheadings.
  • Lastly, research well before writing any piece, as readers want full-fledged and authentic details related to the topic.

SEO guidelines

  • The article should contain the targeted SEO keywords. Use it sparingly; excessive use will have the opposite effect. For instance, 10 to 11 keywords should be enough for a writer to use when crafting a 1000-word word.
  • It’s important to use heading and title tags properly.
  • Internal and external links are more crucial to maintaining the article’s credibility. The authors must therefore incorporate it without fail.

What Are the Benefits? 

  • You will get a mass audience, readymade and active on our portal, giving you a good reach.
  • Crypto Article “Write For Us” will be analyzed by a team of experts, resulting in error-free data.
  • Our experts will provide well-searched keywords that will give you refined search results.
  • A good SERP rank will give you an additional boost.
  • You can explore your niche through different topic write-ups.
  • Readers are from different genres so you will get a diverse audience. 

Suggested topics-

  • Cryptocurrency after the pandemic.
  • Famous investors in the market.
  • What is the network layer?
  • How to start a cryptocurrency exchange?

How Can You Find Us?

If you are thoroughly interested and find it as exciting as it is, feel free to submit your curiosity and write us at infomarifilmine@gmail.com


You’ll surely add value to Write For Us + “Crypto Article” through your immense knowledge and desire to serve our audience. You must understand how important it is to fulfill the guidelines to avoid rejection afterward. 

Have a look for more information about crypto. Moreover, if you have any other queries or questions. And drop your feedback in the comment section. 

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