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Are you looking for an opportunity to write guest posts? Are you interested in letting people know about the new opportunities in the Career? Then you have come to the right place; we are looking for writers who will write about the vivid dimensions of the Career for our site, marifilmines.com. 

Guest posts are becoming popular among the people who run small enterprises and NGOs and those who are highly digitally active. So, here we will discuss the critical aspects of the Write for Us Careerand through the discussion, we will try to clear the confusion in people’s minds.

Details Of marifilmines.com

Marifilmines.com is an online review platform that offers its readers well-researched and well-informed content. This portal deals with the reviews and gives the recent news update from time to time. 

The motto of this online site is to make people aware of the scams by providing truthful information. Over 250 writers working for this site are experienced, qualified and highly professional. There is also a team of editors of above 25 members. 

While writing about other portals, our writers constantly research the trust index, spam score, and customer feedback of the site so that while reading, one can easily set their mind for the concerned site. One can visit the contact us section to get in touch with the site.

We have discussed marifilmines; let us know the eligibility criteria for writing guest posts for the concerned portal.

ibility Criteria For Career “Write For Us”

  • People who know SEO, Email transactions, Editing, knowledge of handling computers or laptops and, more importantly, writing good content are welcome for this opportunity.
  • One must know the art of writing effective and acceptable content to the audience. The facts that will be provided through the contents need to be illustrated in a manner that is convincing to the readers.
  • Contents must be unique, and the writers should have easy adaptation power according to the daily requirement.

Anyone who thinks they will fulfil the above-mentioned criteria can apply for this. We will now check the guidelines, which we must follow while writing posts.

Guidelines For Write For Us Career Guest Post

  • An article must be written in a simple, understandable sentence to the audience. Usage of bombastic words is not needed for writing.
  • The articles should be written in an informative way so that after reading, the readers perceive gaining some knowledge.
  • Plagiarized content should not be accepted.
  • The content will start with an enchanting introduction, so the readers will be stuck in the article after reading the first few lines.
  • The content will be written within 700-800 words.
  • Usage of subheadings and their good explanations in the following paragraphs are required.
  • The content will be free from grammatical errors, and proofreading is necessary to avoid silly mistakes after finishing the writing.
  • While writing Write For Us + Career will be SEO friendly, so using top keywords through research is needed for the write-up.
  • Only relevant information is required; usage of feelers or extra irrelevant information will be discarded at the time of editing, so the writers must be careful from the beginning of the writing.
  • Disobeying any rule may cause dismiss the entire content, so following the rules is very necessary.
  • If our site accepts the article, the writers have no right to use this article in another place.
  • No link mentioned in the content crosses the spam score 1-3%.

Advantages Of Such Opportunity

  • People who are eligible enough and looking for 
  • Work can start their Career through Write For Us + “Career” During the work, writing skills will be enhanced, and the young people out there may learn about career opportunities.

How To Reach Us

Those who want to contact us can mail us on team22.marifilmines@gmail.com to share any respective article related to the content. Our concerned team will get back to you within 24 hours with the feedback. It would help if you read the guidelines, understand them, and contact us.


We have an idea about the various aspects of writing guest posts through the discussion. We also learned about eligibility and the rules one needs to follow while writing a guest post for Write for Us Career. We can only suggest that those looking for an opportunity and are eligible enough grab this opportunity as you can fly high based on your quality.

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