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The article provides all the details related to the book business and invites writers to explore and learn about their capabilities on Write For Us + Books Blog.


Writing is one of the most loved passions among people nowadays. People from all writing backgrounds look for an opportunity to write so that they can portray their writing skills. We, the https://www.marifilmines.com/ company, are providing an opportunity to all those creative writers to write the guest post article for the book’s Blog. If you want to showcase your skills in writing, then you are most welcome in our team and suitable for the concerned area- Write For Us + Books Blog.

We are looking for writers who can provide high-quality content related to different kinds of books and niche content.

Who are we?

https://www.marifilmines.com/ are a group of writers working together for a book release platform to produce different kinds of books, magazines, and literary books. We are looking for writers who can match our writing quality and help create high-quality content related to the book blogs. We provide all kinds of information and news related to any new releases of books and our ultimate goal is to capture the readers’ attention and provide genuine information. We welcome you to Write For Us Books as a team or together and help us develop our company.

Who can write for us?

All those writers who can provide relevant information concerning the topic are most welcome to write the guest post article. If we find your piece suitable and according to the requirements, we will post it on our page. The only requirement we expect the writers to follow is to provide the best quality content with error-free writing. The writers must conduct research before mentioning any details about the topic. The writers should focus on providing all the details. We accept articles closely connected to Books “Write For Us”, and you can send your content on the given mail ID. We will go through the article that you have written, and if we find it satisfactory, we will approve and join you as a new team member.

What kind of content are we looking for?

Any content we want to publish on our website should be free from false information. The writers must remember to try to grab the reader’s attention through their writing skills. The readers do not like every article, and the writers must be capable of drawing their attention while they Write For Us + “Books blogs. For that the writing skills should be top-notch. The standards are very high, and the writers must work hard to reach those standards and produce results as expected. The details on the kind of content that we are looking for are provided below.

  • Content must be free from false information, and the writers must write using their thinking abilities.
  • One must conduct proper research based on the topic, and the focus should be on the relevant details related to the topic.
  • The writers should give proper attention to all the latest information, and the readers must be kept up to date through the article.
  • The article will only be approved if it satisfies all the requirements and guidelines and passes the standards.

Guest post contributor guidelines to be followed

We are mentioning here some guidelines that the writers must follow while writing Write For Us Books Guest Post to fulfil the requirements.

  • The content written must be 1000 words.
  • The article must contain all relevant information and should not be plagiarised.
  • We do not accept articles that are filled with grammatical errors, so the writers must take proper notice of the errors.
  • We expect to see proper headings and subheadings mentioned in the content which are relevant to the topic.
  • The writers must include different sections for pros and cons and write accordingly.
  • You can send your article on the mail ID given here tlind7187@gmail.com.

 Steps for submission of a guest post

We will mention the process in which the guest post is submitted here, and we expect the writers to follow those steps.

  • The writers must take proper notice of all the relevant information that is needed to be covered.
  • The writers should involve all the details in connection to new inventions or any new book releases which will take place in the future.
  • Only the article should contain information related to the topic, not elsewise.
  • Information that is only related to books, magazines and any further releases should be involved.
  • The article must be creative and should be capable of grabbing the viewer’s attention.

Benefits of writing for our website

There are many benefits that the writers will get while writing for our website. These benefits will motivate the writers to work for us and get various advantages. We will mention some of the benefits here. 

  • The bloggers get exposure through our website with their works.
  • We help writers build long-lasting relationships with us and the target audience.
  • The readers get information through the article written by the writers, and if they like the content, they will visit continuously to our website.
  • The writers must provide all the details related to the book’s new releases or any other information.
  • Through us, the writers get the required exposure to the outside world, which helps them to grow and flourish.
  • The data is appropriately stored with us, and we have not yet faced any data leakage issues.


We try to provide all the relevant information about the work we do. So we are looking for writers who can provide Write For Us + Books Blog and showcase their writing skills through their writing capabilities while helping us grow our business. We will be delighted to mention you to our team.

We look forward to growing and prospering in the books business  through your accurate and informative blog post.

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  1. Hello..some lady named Karen Schmidt has left many rude and threatening messages on my phone.
    I am tired of these calls . I am going to start saving them so I can report her and her company!
    Thanks for your information.

    • Hello Terri, Thanks for the update. How can one send such messages. You can reach and speak company’s concerned person. If anyone gets such messages, please drop the comment here. So others buyers can be aware. It will help them. Take care. Thanks.

    • Ha …Karen Schmidt has called me several times and threatening me as well and they even called my place of employment !!

      I have no outstanding debts everything is current and up to date !

      • Hello Bob Russo, We have seen such comment. This must be stopped and escalated somewhere. Without any reason, how can they send messages. Have you tried to speak with them? Please let us know. Be alert and aware.

        • Hello sorry I did not reply to this message earlier !
          I have not spoken to anyone directly but went to the web page to “pay” and the website said they cannot verify me by the information I gave them which was given to me by them ?
          I also got another call today from them and I will be calling a lawyer to rectify the situation

          • Hello Bob, Don’t be sorry. It’s terrible they are just calling and troubling people. Yes, you can take the appropriate step and get justice. Please update here, so other individuals can get to know the exact scenario of the portal. Be aware. Thanks.


  3. I would like to know how to proceed in reporting this company. I have never taken out a loan in my whole life and this Karen Schmidt lady has call me 4 times since October. If anyone has insight please let me know, what my next steps should be.

  4. I just got a call today 3/16/22 and it’s the same thing as previously described. Listening to the message it seems they may have changed it up a bit. The lady never says her name and when she gets to the threatening part she literally lowers her voice and (kind of mumbles) through a few of the choice words. Kind of seems they’ve changed they’re tactics a little.


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