Wrapup Playstation 2021 (January) Available Now!

This post offers details about obtaining the Wrapup Playstation 2021 and mentions related information on how to get it.

2021 is over, and we’re already nearly a month into 2022. We’re sure that the last year must have been quite eventful and you must have performed several tasks.

If you played games on your PlayStation in 2021, you could use the Wrapup feature of the PlayStation to know more about your gaming activities in the past year. It is why Wrapup Playstation 2021 has become trendy.

Users in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and the United States have become quite interested in this feature. Keep reading this article to get all the relevant details.

Summarizing PlayStation

You must know what PlayStation is; it’s one of the most popular and globally successful gaming consoles. PlayStation, also abbreviated as PS, is a video game brand that comprises consoles, media centers, handhelds, and smartphones. 

It also publishes its magazines and offers some online services. Sony is the owner of this brand, and a unit of Sony handles the production, called the Sony Interactive Entertainment. Wrapup Playstation 2021 is gaining traction as users are looking to gain insights into their gaming activities in the past year.

What is The Wrapup Playstation?

  • Please note that this feature is only available to users of the PS4 and the PS5 gaming consoles.
  • As the term suggests, the Wrapup contains information about the user’s gaming activities in the past year.
  • It offers details like total time spent on gaming, the total number of games played, favorite games, total prizes won, etc.
  • It also contains several other insights into the gaming activities of the users.

How To get Your Wrapup Playstation 2021?

It’s only natural for PlayStation users to be interested in getting their Wrap-up of the previous year, as it contains important statistics about their gaming activities in the previous year. Let’s look at the process of obtaining this Wrap-up below:

  • To access this report, first, go to the official website of PlayStation.
  • On the website, log in with your credentials and the account you play games on your console.
  • After logging in on the website, you’ll get the Wrapup report.
  • Please note that a code for free avatars will be given to users who access their Wrapup Playstation 2021.
  • If you’re looking to share this report on social media platforms, you can find the option to do the same through the share buttons available at the bottom of the report.
  • Read more about this report here.

The Final Verdict  

PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming consoles globally and enjoys a considerable userbase. Like other online services, PlayStation is also offering its PS4 and PS5 users an opportunity to see the highlights of their past year and gaming activities through a Wrapup feature. We have mentioned all the relevant information about Wrapup Playstation 2021 above. 

What do you think of this feature by PlayStation? Have you accessed your Wrap-up yet? Kindly share your thoughts on this feature in the comments.

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