Would Princess Diana Have Become Queen – Whom Was She Married To? How Did She Die?

All the readers who wish to know the details of Would Princess Diana Have Become Queen, read this article for a complete overview.

Have you heard about Queen Elizabeth’s death? Who will be rewarded with the title of Queen after Elizabeth’s death? Would Princess Diana be the new queen? Scroll down and explore the headers in this article till the end to know the details. 

Queen Elizabeth’s death is a hot topic in the United States and the United Kingdom. Along with being in shock at the death of a royal queen, people are curious to know who will occupy the crown next. Read this article about Would Princess Diana Have Become Queen till the end to know the facts. 

Will Princess Diana be the New Queen?

After Elizabeth’s death, people are curious to know the details of the next queen adorned with the crown and the responsibility. Readers who wish to fetch the details for these related questions, this section will help you with clarity. 

Princess Diana was always on the royal high in the list of queen names. People have known her for committing to charities and commoners and for all the good deeds she has served the nation. 

As she is no more, people are still wondering if she was alive and if she would be crowned with Queen Title after Elizabeth’s death

Who Was Princess Diana Married To?

A royal tradition follows that the recently selected king’s wife will hold the queen’s title. Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles, and the two shared a troublesome time from the beginning of their married life.

According to the reports, Prince Charles forgot to kiss his wife on their wedding day, which is considered a ritual. Adding to it, Diana also mentioned that their marital life intimacy completely disappeared soon after Harry’s birth. 

Moreover, the couple also separated one year before Diana’s death. But, if she was alive and married to the prince, which title would she have held after Elizabeth’s death? 

Would Princess Diana Have Become Queen: Diana’s Verdict:

Until now, we have figured out which title Diana would be crowned with if she was alive and married. But, let’s now fetch Diana’s perspective, whether she wanted to be the queen or not. In an interview back in 1995, she appreciated being the queen, not for the world but for people’s hearts. She loved the public but never wished for the queen title.

She further mentioned that the government would never want her to be the queen as she broke multiple rules that would not be accepted according to the rule book. But, How Did Princess Diana Die?

Details about Princess Diana’s Death:

She died from several injuries in France during the car crash on 31st August 1997. 

Note – All the details have been taken from reliable internet sources. 


Diana married Prince Charles, but they separated soon after Harry was born. Moreover, Diana’s death also happened back in August 1997. She is not interested in being the queen as she loves to rule the hearts, not the nation. 

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