Wordlegame.org Legit (March 2022) Learn All Aspects Here!

 Are you excited to learn is Wordlegame.org Legit true? Then, read this new post and find all the related information and details!

If you like playing online fun games that train your brain at the same time, you have come to the right place! Today, we discuss the popular Wordle game but with a different domain and version.

Wordle has gained popularity since its launch by Josh Wardle, a United States-based software engineer, in October 2021. However, other developers and scammers have created several similar domains offering you to play Wordle for free.

Today, we will answer your questions like is Wordlegame.org Legit or is it another copied version.

What is Wordlegame.org?

Wordlegame.org is an online copied version of Josh’s original Wordle; the rules and the procedure to play are similar to the original version.

Thus, it is an alternate place to play Wordle online for free. It features unlimited tries retries and has letter limits. An additional ‘Give Up’ option is available on wordlegame.org compared to the original Wordle game.

The game is updated regularly and is now available in more than 10 languages. For details on Wordlegame.org Legit, please read further!

How To Play Wordle?

The procedure to play Wordle is quite tricky yet straightforward:

  • To get started, enter a five-letter word in the first blank row to know which letters are there in the correct word.
  • The boxes will change colours as you change the letters: yellow means the letter is in the hidden word but the wrong place; green means the letter is correct and in the exact location; whereas, grey box means the letter is not in the hidden word.
  • You get a maximum of 6 tries to find the correct hidden word.

Is Wordlegame.org Legit?

For this website’s legitimacy, we have found the following information on the Internet:

  • Domain Age: the owners registered this website on 11 January 2022 and is, therefore, 1 month and 9 days old. The domain will expire on 11 January 2022.
  • Trust Index: a poor trust score of 5% is allotted to wordlegame.org.
  • Other details: it is mentioned on the website that wordlegame.org is not affiliated with Wordle by NYTimes. Also, after playing a game on this platform, players do not get any option to share their results, and no statistics are available.

Thus, is Wordlegame.org Legit? Please wait for our final verdict!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What is the Wordle game?

A1. Wordle is an online simple 5-letter game where you have to guess the hidden word within 6 tries.

Q2. What is wordlegame.org?

A2. Wordlegame.org is an alternative platform to play Wordle with slight changes in rules. You can play it daily on the official website for free.

The Final Verdict:

Thus, Wordlegame.org is an online platform offering you to play Wordle for free and it is an alternate option for the original game.

A United States-based software engineer, Josh Wardle released the original Wordle in October 2021, and it has been fans’ favourite since then. As seen above, Wordlegame.org Legit is complicated; however, we do not say you to play Wordle on other copied websites. While playing the fake version of Wordle has the same rules, it might negatively impact your device.

You can play the original Wordle version through this link here. For more queries, comment below.

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