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The article will tell you about the Wordle Wordle NFL game. You will find all the information like rules, gameplay, platform, and much more about the game.

Everyone has heard of the Wordle game. The majority of the people Worldwide have surely played it. It’s interesting to know that many games have the same rules as Wordle but is different from it. Have you heard of NFL Wordle? If you are a football fan, then this game is definitely for you.

In this article, we will talk about the Wordle Wordle NFL game.

What is NFL Wordle?

Wordle game is all about guessing the mystery word. People who are logophiles are enormous fans of this game. The only limitation of Wordle is you can play it once a day. This makes the player more curious about the game. 

NFL Wordle, which is originally known as Poeltl, is a game based on players of NBL. The player could be anyone on the current NBA team. You will find features in the game that will give you a hint about the NBL player of the day.

Where to play NFL Wordle Game?

People are unable to find the original NFL Wordle game website. You can play this game on the official website- https://poeltl.dunk.town/. In the NFL Wordle game, NFL stands for National Football League. The game is introduced with the concept of the NFL, where players have to guess the current player of the NFL.

The most important thing to win the game is to know the players of the NFL. There will be a menu of ‘How to play which will help you to proceed further. Like Wordle, you can play this game one time a day. Players will get eight chances to guess the correct NFL player. In Wordle Wordle NFL, players can also see their score in the Stats menu at the top.

How to play Poeltl (NFL Wordle)?

On the game’s home page, a search box will appear where you can type the player’s name. Various options related to your word will appear, and you can choose the player.

  • Columns like TEAM, CONF, DIV, POS, HT, AGE, # will appear above the player’s name.
  • If any of these columns turns green, it indicates a correct match.
  • If the TEAM column turns yellow, it indicates that the player is not currently in the team but has played for the team before as per Wordle Wordle NFL rules.
  • If the Position column turns yellow, it means a partial match of the position of the mystery player.
  • If any other column apart from TEAM and Position ( POS) turns yellow, it means this character is within 2 (years, inches, numbers) of the player of the day.
  • If you are unable to guess the mystery player, you can enable SILHOUETTE, which will show you a hint image of the mystery player.


The game is easy to play and has a subtle interface. Players will hardly find any problem in playing the game after reading the rules. Wordle Wordle NFL (Poeltl) is only about the NFL players; it is suggested to read the current NFL players once before playing the game to fetch the correct answer. Visit this page to know more about the Poeltl game.

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