Wordle Stone Wordle {March 2022} Complete Details!

Please read this report to learn about the Wordle Stone Wordle, regarding the latest answer in the popular puzzle game of guessing words in limited attempts.

Do you play word-based puzzles online? Are you confident in your English spelling and vocabulary skills? Are you a regular player of the most popular word game currently? Then, you must read this article to know the latest answer in that game.

In today’s report, we have mentioned details regarding the most current answer in the said game. Players Worldwide want to know more about it and how users must have answered it. Thus, please read further to learn about the Wordle Stone Wordle.

About the Word Stone in the Latest Wordle

In the latest Wordle, many players guessed the correct word as stone. Some entered their first word as stone, whereas some lost a few tries and then reached this word. However, according to the color-coding mentioned in this write-up, they realized N was not the correct letter. 

Consequently, gamers entered various alphabets for the fourth position. They also had to keep in mind the limited number of attempts, only six. This is why many people recently searched for the Wordle Stone Game on the Web.

What is Wordle?

We have explained it here for those of you who are new to this game. Wordle is a grid-based word puzzle that Josh Wardle, a computer engineer, created in October 2021. In Wordle, users must guess a word with five letters in six tries through a color-hinting method. 

The system chooses a new word each day based on random selection. The first attempt that one enters in this game plays a crucial role. Those who entered stone as their first guess were close to the correct answer for the Wordle of 30 March 2022.

What is the Color-Coding to Guess the Wordle Stone Wordle?

If you are a new player in this game, you might want to know how the colored tiles work as hints. In Wordle, after you enter the first word, the system colors the tiles. A grey tile denotes that letter is not there in the correct word. 

A yellow block implies that the alphabet exists in the answer but another position. Finally, a green tile means you have guessed the correct letter at the correct place. Thus, although the system marked the alphabets S, T, O, and E with green, the letter N showed as grey for the word stone.

What Are Some Hints for the Wordle Stone Game?

A few words in the said series apart from stone include store, stove, stole, stoke, etc. We shall not reveal the correct answer or else our report becomes a spoiler. Players like to conduct this brainstorming activity themselves. However, the hints given above will help you.


The latest game of Wordle left many gamers baffled regarding the solution. Players Worldwide wanted to guess the word in minimum attempts to maintain their winning streak. Moreover, the sharing option of their performance motivates them to answer accurately. 

Could you guess the correct answer to the Wordle Stone Wordle? In how many attempts could you make it? Please share below.

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