Wordle New Times 2022 (March 2022) Essential Facts!

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The post talks about Wordle New Times 2022 and elaborates on other details.

Who is not liking to solve tricky and complex word puzzles every day? Thanks to Josh Wardle, the creator of the now-viral Wordle, for having developed a puzzle game that has earned immense appreciation Worldwide.

What was supposedly created for his girlfriend and later made available for the public has garnered massive attention across the globe? Besides, there are plenty of spin-offs that have come up too.

However, in this article, we will be elaborating on Wordle New Times 2022 and Josh’s decision about selling the word puzzle to New York Times.

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An Overview of Wordle Game

Wordle is an English puzzle or crossword game that has gone viral Worldwide. The game includes players guessing a five-letter puzzle within six attempts. Besides, the players are also provided hints on whether their guess is correct or not by changing the color of the tiles.

The green tile indicates the correct letter; the yellow indicates the correct letter in the wrong tile. The grey color means the letter is not part of the word. Furthermore, a new word is released every day.

We will elaborate on Wordle New Times 2022 and why Josh Wardle sold the game to New York Times in the coming section.

Josh Wardle selling Wordle to New York Times

The fun puzzle game was recently sold by its creator to New York Times. However, in the latest update, the creator of Wordle has highlighted the reason for selling the game to the popular New York times.

Here are the reasons:

  • Josh states that one of the reasons for selling the popular game to the New York times was to avoid the hassle of dealing with clones that appeared on different app stores.
  • He was unhappy and felt unpleasant about dealing with the other copycat versions, as per sources.

Wordle New Times 2022 – Latest Puzzle

The puzzle game was sold to New York Times, for which Josh Wardle was paid at least $1 million as per sources. Thus, the puzzle appears daily in New York Times, with no change in the gameplay.

Furthermore, a new scrabble was released on 30 March 2022, the 284th puzzle. Well, the game was not so complicated and complex. Besides, many users were indeed able to guess the correct answer and completed it within six attempts.

The most common technique applied by users is adding vowels and then trying the place related alphabets in the remaining boxes. So, as per sources, with no confusion, the answer for the Wordle New Times 2022, 284th puzzle is Stove.

Final Conclusion

With the success of Wordle, several versions and spin-offs are turning viral on the internet. These include Wordle for music lovers, mathematics nerds, geography wordle, NFB wordle, etc.

However, the reason for the creator of the viral game selling it to the New York Times was to prevent any copycat apps. Besides, as per sources, he has stated the reason never to monetize the app.

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