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Are you a Wordle word game enthusiast? What are the top states in the USA where Wordle is most popular? If not, then tune into the post to find the answer. 

Minnesota is the top state in the United States of America, where the sensational Wordle game is most popular. The land of ten thousand lakes has topped the Wordle solving list, and people in the US and Canada want to know more. So, in this post, we are going to explore more on Wordle Minnesota Wordle.

Where is Wordle Most Famous in the US? 

Wordle is the web’s most popular five-letter word game, which is a worldwide phenomenon. It is estimated that the game is most prominent in Minnesota. 

As shown in a chart of Twitter data compiled by the educational site Schoolauthority.org, the 12th largest US state is the most popular state for the global game.

Over the previous month, the site analyzed almost 2 million Twitter messages about just the game. It was also discovered that Wordle is most prevalent in the Upper Midwestern region of the US. Wisconsin is the second most popular state after Wordle Minnesota Wordle

Outside of the Midwest, Utah, as well as the Pacific Northwest, are big fans of the game. The top ten are rounded out by a few New England states and Illinois. In the southeast, the game is far less widespread. 

The word finder website, Wordtips, also made an analysis of top states for Wordle’s popularity and found Minnesota at the top. Iowa finished in fourth place.

The top ten cities in the United States were only revealed by Wordtips, and Minneapolis, the other Twin City, isn’t among them. With a 3.66 average, Waukesha, Wisconsin, came in 10th, as per Wordtips.

How is Wordle Minnesota Wordle Most Popular?

It appears that some clever cookies live in Minnesota’s capital city, at least with regard to guessing words in popular word games.

St. Paul is the best US city in cracking Wordle, the regular five-letter word guessing game, as per the Wordtips study. Prior to actually answering it correctly, St. Paul citizens make an average of 3.51 attempts out of a total of six.

According to the Twitter data analysis, Minnesota has a national average of 3.83 answers, tied for sixth place with Vermont. The highest statewide performance was in North Dakota at 3.65.

Wordle is much more prevalent in Wordle Minnesota Wordle than just about any other US state, according to another data published by the education website Schoolauthority.org last month.

Why is Wordle So Famous? 

Wordle is becoming a worldwide sensation. The same is famous for various factors. We have listed some major factors below:

  • The game’s user interface is very simple.
  • Wordle doesn’t require too much time and commitment.
  • Fresh new words each day excites people. 
  • Lastly, people can share scores with family & friends. 


Wordle’s dominance is here to stay with increasing daily users, and the game is becoming a worldwide sensation. Click here to know the Top States for Wordle popularity

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