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Gaming Tips Wordle Fetus or Shine

Article Wordle fetus or Shine provides the answer to the wordle puzzle with the explanation for the need for 2 answers.

Do you enjoy playing New York Times wordle games? Have you been confused by the two different answers to yesterday’s wordle puzzle? If yes! Then we will provide the answers and reasons for yesterday’s wordle bafflement to all the Worldwide wordle fans in a detailed manner. Here is the article that helps you clear the confusion regarding the Wordle Fetus or Shine.

The Perplexed Wordle Response

On May 9, 2022, the most popular wordle game displayed two different solutions to a single puzzle. According to online sources, the original answer for the puzzle, which was loaded on the wordle gaming system, was “fetus.”. The word fetus means the unborn baby growing in the female uterus.

Because of the ongoing political problems in SCOTUS, the US, the New York Times changed the wordle answer from Fetus to Shine, and they even admitted that the changes occurred because they didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the people who are fighting over the Roe vs Wade law problem.

Wordle Answer Fetus or Shine

The outdated answer for the May 9 wordle is the fetus, but the updated answer is Shine. The recent ongoing issues related to denying abortion rights for women in the United States made the wordle owners change the answer. 

They have apologized for the changes and claimed that it will be difficult to change the answers completely because they were written a year ago in the current Wordle technology software. And they won’t know about this recent issue a year ago. As a result, they have fed the answer fetus onto the software.

Why is it trending?

The answers for Wordle Fetus or Shine are trending for two reasons. The Wordle team has changed the answers for the puzzle, so people who didn’t refresh the game got two answers (fetus and Shine). It looked like a conundrum for people. But this is not the first time in wordle history. In March, there were 2 answers for a wordle puzzle: Harry Or Stove.

Another reason is the ongoing issue of leaks of US Supreme Court plans to eliminate female abortion rights. Their proposals to end the Roe v. Wade law which provided the sole rights of abortion to Women.

The Wordle Game

Wordle Fetus or Shine game can be played online for free. Players will be given different puzzles for each day. And this word guessing puzzle game was created by software engineer Josh Wardle, whose rights were recently acquired by the New York Times.

Players have to guess the answer within six tries, and the answer should be a valid word with proper meaning. Players can guess the answers. For each guess, the color of the tiles will change. The green-colored tile shows that the guessed answer is the correct one.


Thus, the news article Wordle Fetus or Shine provided the reasons and explained the confusion regarding the puzzle answer. But it is so unusual that the wordle puzzle with either answer, even that is for the cause of the people. 

We believe that the people will understand the real issue. For more wordle gaming updates, 

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