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This article is penned down for our readers to get the best information related to Wordle Boston Wordle.  

Are you so fascinated about Wordle, but this month is triggering you? Do you also feel like Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia dwellers that June is tough for Wordle players? If so, you can be right as it is the birthday month of Wordle as well. 

From the start of this month until now, hectic and tricky puzzles have been coming. Today’s geography Wordle is also a little bit challenging. And, since morning, Wordle Boston Wordle has been the most talked-about topic. Let’s check about it below-

Is Boston An Answer? 

Unfortunately, no. Boston wasn’t the answer to today’s Worldle. Some hints that have been stated below from which response can be excavated-

  • The spot is beautifully uncovered in Europe.
  • There are eight missives in the phrase of the province.
  • It is popular for being the ancient nation in Europe.
  • The initial letter of this nation is B and it stops with A. 

After reviewing the hints, let’s see what the exact solution is-

Is the Wordle Boston Game Strong? 

Unfortunately, the Boston game is weak for today’s Worldle that is number 133 of June 3rd. The answer is ‘Bulgaria’. It is a Balkan country with various landscapes comprising the Black Sea coastline, an undulating nucleus and creeks, containing the Danube. This region is the perfect answer and fulfills all the points of hints. 

On the other hand, Boston is the capital and the biggest city of the north-eastern United States of Massachusetts. Other meanings of this word are a ticket game corresponding to solo whist and a difference between the waltz or the two-step. 

Why is Wordle Boston Wordle Trending? 

This controversy is because of the confusion and tricky nature of today’s puzzle. The country is known to people but still, they were reckoning the easier one. Besides, the hint suggested that the country’s name starts with B and it is a part of Europe. 

So, people were more troubled and scratching their heads for the answer as soon as possible. But, we can only say that Boston is a highly incorrect and odd guess of the players. 

Is Wordle’s Birthday Month Tough for Players? 

As we know, it’s the birthday month of the Wordle game. Wordle Boston Game is a glimpse of people’s confusion, but there were many presents last year. The game was founded on 19th June 2021, and since then, puzzle lovers can’t keep calm. 

If we talk about this month, there’s nothing special, and they’re not giving tricky puzzles intentionally. It’s just our conscious mind that relates events and coincidences. We hope the next puzzles are easier and happier for you. 


As a concluding thought, Boston Wordle was just an illusion for Map Wordle players. The correct answer is Bulgaria. We have provided you with the hints and the exact solution related to Wordle Boston Wordle. We hope you’re now clear and polished about puzzle number 133, and we hope the next upcoming puzzles are easier for you. 

We have gathered all the essential information from the Internet. You can visit this link to know more. What was your guessed answer? Please comment below.

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