Woolworths Wage Scandal {Feb} Whats Company Statement?

Woolworths Wage Scandal is the latest trending search after the new reports on Wednesday. However, readers who eagerly want to explore the news can read it.

Are you aware of the current news related to Woolworths? Woolworths is a supermarket and grocery stores chain located in Australia. Are you also a regular visitor or worker to this chain?

Woolworths is now undergoing new challenges. This challenge comes after the leading supermarket discovers wage scandal. So, let us dig deep to know what the fresh news is on Woolworths Wage Scandal.

What is Woolworths?

It is the part of the retail industry that was established on September 22, 1924. The company has headquarter located in Bella Vista, New South Wales, and Australia. Brad Banducci is the group’s CEO among the key people, while Paul Graham is the chief supply chain officer.

The Woolworths supermarket is the leading and biggest chain from the parent company Woolworths group. Along with the groceries, it also has a collection of daily household requirements products, beauty, magazines, and health supplies.

Woolworths revealed in 2019 that they had not paid millions of dollars to its workers. According to the fresh news, the Woolworths Wage Scandal bill has increased and is estimated to rise in the upcoming time.

Why is Woolworths in the news headlines?

This all news came in highlight after Woolworths asked their customers that the grocery expenses will undoubtedly rise in the coming months. It is because the operators deal with rising inflation and growing salaries underpayment controversies.

In the six months leading up to January 2, CEO Brad Banducci said that the company had been damaged by $277 million in Covid-related expenditures, with online-driven improved sales unable to keep profits from falling.

What is Woolworths Wage Scandal?

In October 2019, the firm revealed it had underpaid approximately 6000 workers. In addition, at that time, the assessed underpayments were from $200million to $300 million. But later, as time passes, interest and other costs keep the number subsequently raised.

According to the fresh news on Wednesday, the company revealed an additional $144 million in unpaid salaries, totaling $ 571 million. These fresh estimates show that it is approximately double than initially assessed underpayments.

What is the new statement from the company?

After revealing the fresh Woolworths Wage Scandal estimation, the CEO said inflation would affect the grocery price; it is something that will not wait and is here. But we continued to deliver value with great effort and affordable alternatives.

However, he also apologies to all who have been affected by unintentional underpayment. We will continue to address concerns and implement proper procedures to prevent them from occurring further. Moreover, they have also said that it will take some time to finish the review and is expected to end by 2022.


Woolworths has been in controversies related to Woolworths Wage Scandal from 2019 and has continued to be in the news headlines since then.

However, the company did not lose its trust among users as it was all unintentional. You can read about the Woolworths supermarkets by clicking here.

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