Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing {April} How to Get & Use it

Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing has shared details of wood eggs and the process to get them for making different items during the Bunny day event.

Are you excited for the Bunny day event in the Animal Crossing? New Horizons game has started, and players want to collect DIY recipes and seasonal items. This is an annual event in the game and just before Easter week.

The Bunny day event started on 10th April and will end on 17th of this month. Players in the United States and the United Kingdom are looking for ways to collect this recipe and items. 

To know more about this event and ways to collect Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing, read this article till the end. 

Wood Eggs in New Horizon Game:

Zipper T, Bunny is a special character in the Animal Crossing game who visits the player before any holiday event. Zipper visits every player, and they need to get the DIY recipe from him for making Bunny day themed items.

Bunny has also hidden many eggs on the island, and gamers need to get those eggs as it will help them make the themed item for Bunny day. The type of eggs available in the Animal crossing game are listed below.

  • Wood egg
  • Earth egg
  • Sky egg
  • Water egg
  • Leaf egg
  • Stone egg

How to Get Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing?

After knowing the importance of Wood eggs in the Bunny day event, it’s important to know the process of getting the eggs. Players must get equipment like an axe and shovel to unearth these eggs on the island.

  • The process of getting the wood egg is similar to that of getting wood.
  • Find the old trees around the island and chop them.
  • Most players can find wood eggs after the old tree is chopped.
  • One will have to do this activity regularly as there are limitations on the number of wood eggs per day.

How To Use Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing?

Wood eggs will be used to make all the items for the Bunny day event, and players should get a minimum of 22 wood eggs. For making all the items in the Bunny day event, 34 wood eggs will be needed by the gamers.

Wood eggs will be used in crafting DIY items for the bunny day event, and the quantity of wood needed for the different items is listed below.

  • Lamp – Four wood eggs
  • Festive balloons – One wood egg
  •  Arch – Two wood eggs
  • Garland – One wood egg
  • Wall – Two egg
  • Fence – One wood egg
  • Bag – one wood egg

How to Get Other Eggs in Animal Crossing?

After knowing How to Get Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing, let’s know how to get another type of egg in the game. 

  • Leaf egg – Find the tree with Leaf eggs and shake it.
  • Earth egg – Look for a crack in the ground and dig it to get earth eggs.
  • Stone egg – Hit the stone with a shovel, and a stone egg will pop up.


Players need to get all the types of eggs from the island to make DIY for the Bunny day event. Most of the details about the wood egg are mentioned above, and players should try to get the maximum egg for making the item on the 17thApril. 

Wood Eggs in Animal Crossing readers can share their views on the Bunny day annual event in the comment section below.

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