Wonders of Istanbul; Buying Real Estate in the Capital City of Turkey

The ancient city of Istanbul is the most famous of Turkey’s cities. It is a shock to many foreigners that Istanbul is not the capital city of Turkey. The town is well known around many continents for diverse reasons. It has cultural and economic relevance in the country and is home to many economic events and festivals yearly.

For those who want to buy apartment in Istanbul and get to know the town better, here are some of the most interesting fun facts about Istanbul in Turkey and what to expect.

Fun facts about Istanbul – why it is a tourist’s delight to visit and stay in Istanbul

  • Istanbul is located on two continents. 

Did you know that Istanbul is situated on two continents? One part of Istanbul is a part of Europe, and the other is a part of Asia. These two areas are divided by what’s known as the Bosphorus strait, a 31-kilometre waterway that separates Asia and European territories. Some boundary lovers and sea enthusiasts take tours to see this place, and many find it a fascinating discovery. The transactional and well-occupied part of this divide is the European corner. Tourists visit the area because it has many historical centres and has preserved old relics and items for tourism purposes. 75% of Istanbul’s population lives in this part of the divide, and it receives many tourists annually. If you like the quiet life with serene noiselessness, then you may prefer living in the Asian part of the divide. 

  • The city of Istanbul was formed in ancient Greece.

The European side of the Bosphorus strait was formed by ancient Greece in 660 BCE and was then known as Byzantium. The city has changed name since sometime around 330 BC; it was renamed Constantinople after the Roman Emperor Constantine. The city has grown through its Greece and Roman history to become Istanbul we have today. Turkey was formed in 1923, but Istanbul predates it far before. This explains why it is the country’s economic capital and manages to overshadow every other area. In the Ottoman Empire, it was also rumoured to have the highest number of restrooms which stood at 1,400. The city has had a very wealthy tie with Islamic leaders. Read more on the official Turk.Estate website.

  • Istanbul is the largest and most populous city in Turkey

The politics that led to naming Ankara as the capital city have always been contested; however, it has achieved something, that is, expanding the economic centre from the overcrowded Istanbul to other parts of the country. Istanbul is home to at least 16 million of the total population of Turkey, which is about 86 million, while the other 69 locations have a minute chunk of people residing in them. After Istanbul, the next populous city as of 2021 is Ankara which experts say contains about three and a half million people. So you can see that huge difference? It has a land mass of about 5,343 km².

  1. Home to the Largest Bazaar in the World

Bazaar is the Middle East word meaning market. Some Asian parlance refers to needs where you can find cheap items and auctions as you go through. People come from across the world to experience this Bazaar of over 3 000 shops and to take some precious local things and raw materials home. It is no wonder why Istanbul is, therefore, a natural economic capital. With its closeness to the sea, historical relevance, and marketing sites, people trade rare items, import and export via the sea, and exchange commodities. In such a place, capital activities will take place, money will exchange hands, and people will lodge overnight.

  1. Istanbul is the City of Mosques

Istanbul is by far a Muslim city of mosques. It has some of the most magnificent mosques in Turkey and is home to most of the renowned mosques. Did you know there are over three thousand mosques in Istanbul alone? It, therefore, makes a good spot for Muslim tourists who want to see the current version of significant historical mosques. Only about 1% of Istanbul’s population are non-muslims.


Istanbul is one of the jewels of Turkey – it compliments the country in many uncountable ways. It is the wonders of Istanbul that make it such a desirable place to visit and live in. As the country earns money via its economic activities, it also benefits from the historical centres scattered around its major city areas. The good news is that just as there are very crowded places in Istanbul and Turkey, you can also find quiet places that allow visitors to live any life they want, either in the heat of the overcrowded locations or the silence of the boulevards and more quiet communities.

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