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Dozens of protesters were trampled by police horses as they marched in Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy demonstration. After all, a picture of a walker-wielding lady getting crushed by a police horse will be the most iconic memory of the Freedom Convoy rally on Parliament Hill. 

The people of the United States, Canada are curious to know about this incident. This further had voiced worry about during the three-week Ottawa protests began. Do you want to know about it? Please read our content on Woman Trampled by Horse in Ottawa.

What Is The Woman Trampled House In Ottawa

The “Freedom Convoy” of Canadians protesting the administration’s COVID-19 limitations and vaccination requirements reportedly had their horses ploughed over by police on horseback in Ottawa.

In a video published on Twitter, it seemed as if Ottawa Police officers were crushing two persons beneath their horses as they forced their way through a crowd of people. An outpouring of people comes to help individuals who the horses have crushed.

What Did Authorities Claimed About Woman Trampled by Horse in Ottawa

One of the horses was allegedly injured when a bicycle was hurled at its feet, according to police. Police service animals were reportedly assaulted by one perpetrator, arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty. 

Mounted policemen were called in to establish the distance between the police line and the protesters since the demonstrators continued attacking the police line. The footage shows officers pushing the mob back with batons while wearing body armour.

As authorities ordered protesters to vacate the area immediately and threatened arrest, some of the crowds began pushing back.

Some More Incidents about Woman Trampled by Horse in Ottawa Incident

With over 100 demonstrators had been detained, and nearly two dozen cars had been impounded by Friday night, officials added.

Protesters were pushed out of the downtown area by police, who claimed to have established a “protected area” where protests were temporarily barred. Protesters and their unlawful blockades have been causing problems in the neighbourhood for three weeks, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Twitter. He added that public order would be restored, and Canadian people would be protected.

Trudeau used the Emergencies Act to stop the truck blockades four days ago. Woman Trampled by Horse in Ottawa incident started in January. All Canadian truckers crossing the US-Canadian border were obliged to be adequately vaccinated against the virus or face possible quarantine or monitoring.

Final Verdict

As a result of this tragedy, top officials will continue to ensure that local, provincial, and federal authorities have the resources they need and do everything necessary to protect the public and bring the situation under control.

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