Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit {March} Find How

This article describes a video showing an unfortunate squat accident resulting in a woman’s death in a gym.Read about Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit.

Are you distressed by a viral workout video that went wrong and resulted in a tragic accident? If so, this article elaborates on the unfortunate incident behind the video.

People from Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia are shocked after viewing the video as more people started going to the gym recently to develop a healthy body.

The unfortunate gym incident shook the viewers as it was bothersome and saddening. Read more about Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit.

About The Gym Accident

A workout video went viral on February 2022, the short video has a length of less than a minute, and a woman can be seen lifting heavy weights and getting collapsed in the process.

The video is from a Mexican gym, where a young mother was attempting to do squats with heavy weights on a Smith machine. Unfortunately, the woman failed to lift the weight, resulting in her demise.

The video was posted on Redditt by a user that mentions a woman was trying to lift 180kg of weight. Learn about Smith Machine Squat Accident.

About Redditt Viral Video

  • A Redditt user posted a video with a title that mentions a woman’s attempt to lift 180kg.
  • The video got posted on 23rd February 2022, and the length of the video was just 58 seconds.
  • The video went viral on 12th March 2022 and was shared with various social media platforms. 
  • Millions of people watched the video, and the Redditt user’s post flooded with comments on the accident.
  • The video also shows people from the gym trying to rescue her and console the woman’s worried daughter. 

Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit

  • The viral video consists of a woman lifting 180kgs or 405 pounds.
  • The woman came to the gym with her young daughter and sat on the bench equipped with a deadweight of 180kgs.
  • The woman tried to lift the weight but couldn’t hold the massive weight, and the deadweight landed on her neck in a few seconds.
  • The accident video clearly shows that the woman was inexperienced to lift such heavyweights.

About the Woman in Viral Video

  • She is a young mother, and her daughter is also present in the viral video. Read on Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit
  • As per various reports, the incident occurred in a Mexican gym and the woman is supposed to be a Mexican citizen.
  • In the viral video, the woman came to the gym with her daughter, and they had a few conversations, and she went on lifting the weight.
  • The efforts to rescue her got failed.


The squat accident that happened in a Mexican gym is terrifying. As an informed human, workouts should be followed with proper knowledge and guidance from a professional to avoid such tragic situations. To know more about the topic, visit.

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