William Cronon Cracker Barrel {Jan} Verdict: $9.3Million

William Cronon Cracker Barrel has information on the 2014 restaurant incident in which the court has imposed compensatory and punitive penalties on the store.

A Tennessee court has passed his final verdict in the Cracker Barrel case, and it re-establishes the people’s faith in the judiciary. The health of ordinary citizens is essential to the state, and people working in the health and food sector should keep this in mind.

The case in which the court has penalized the food business entity is related to the 2014 incident in Tennessee. It is getting viral on different social media platforms among netizens of Canada and the United States. 

To know more about this story, keep reading William Cornon Cracker Barrel till the end. 

About Cracker Barrel Store:

Cracker Barrel is an American chain of restaurants founded by Dan Evins in the late sixties. These stores began their operation in Tennessee and soon expanded to different parts of the country. 

At present, it has its operation in 45 states of the country with more than 600 stores.

It follows the theme of the southern part of the country, which can be seen in its menu and restaurant décor. It also sells toys, gift items, and home décor at its store, which helps it increase its sales.

The company policy is to locate the store near the interstate highway.

William Cornon Cracker Barrel:

The above-mentioned incident of negligence was held in 2014 with Willian Cronnon as a customer of Cracker Barrel. After having his meal, the Tennessee man was served water by a waitress.

William thought it to be cold water and drank it, but he realized that it was not water after some time. 

The waitress accidentally poured a mixture of eco-san and water into his glass, and since it looked more like water, Cronnon drank it. 

Eco-san is a chemical used to clean restaurants and different areas in the kitchen. 

Note –All the presented details for William Cornon Cracker Barrel are entirely based on the internet’s research.

How Much Compensation Will Cracker Barrel Pay to William?

Williams felt a burning sensation in his throat and immediately realized that it was some chemical. 

This incident had a long-term effect on the health of Williams and caused gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea, bloating, and cramping. 

In the lawsuit, eco-san is described as a corrosive chemical that can cause internal damage. Marion County has awarded $4.3 million as compensation to Williams, while $5 million is given for damage done to his health.

Cracker Barrel was unhappy with the judgment, but they said they respect the judicial verdict and will abide by it.

According to William Cornon Cracker Barrel research findings, Cronnon will not get the total amount due to Tennessee law capping of non-economic damage.

He may get around $4.5 million as compensation in place of the $9.3 million penalties imposed on Cracker Barrel.

Final verdict:

The attorney appearing for William is not happy with the state law and said it is not fair on the victim’s part as he will not get all the money awarded by the court. 

Cracker Barrel  termed the verdict as unfortunate but is happy that the case has ended and now they can take care of their guest and employees.

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