Will When The Aliens Land {May} Explore The Timings!

This article describes the claims put forward by a popular self-proclaimed psychic about recent alien activities. Read to know Will When the Aliens Land?    

Are you eager to know about the statement made by a popular self-proclaimed psychic? Do you want to know more about his other claims supporting the trending statement? Read till the end to know more about his claims associated with aliens approaching the earth.

People from the United States are shocked by the statement mentioning the chance of alien invasion. His findings are trending on major social media platforms.

Let’s understand “Will When the Aliens Land?” and know more details about this topic.

About Alien’s Earth Landing 

Uri Geller, a celebrity who has astonished the audience with the help of his brainpower, has again come back to the trending list with his claims of aliens landing on earth in the coming years. Uri mentioned that the aliens would land on the earth in the next five years.

Uri also claims that he saw the actions performed by the aliens with the help of his psychic powers. In addition to that, he also claims that the aliens created a door on the red planet by using advanced lasers.

Will When the Aliens Land?  

  • Uri claims that the psychic powers showed the activities made by the aliens outside the earth.
  • As per his claims, the aliens closely monitor human activities for a long time.
  • Uri mentioned that he could see these activities through the help of ‘remote viewing.’
  • Apart from that, he claims that his mind travels through time and space to witness the activities conducted by the aliens.
  • Uri also mentions that several strange activities are taking place in space, and he finds NASA’s information that rejects the alien’s attack to be shocking.

 Who is Uri Geller?

  • Will When the Aliens Land?’, a trending question arose due to Uri Geller’s recent statement.
  • Uri Geller is an illusionist, performer, and self-proclaimed psychic popular for his spoon-bending performances and other illusions on T.V. shows. 
  • Geller was born on 20th December 1946 in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • He performed as an entertainer for more than four decades, including various television shows and performances worldwide.
  • Geller claims that he used his psychic power that help Reading F.C. to avoid the relegation in 2002.

More Claims by Uri Geller

  • Geller also claims that he witnessed the aliens active on Mars. Read about ‘Will When the Aliens Land?
  • Geller also believes that between the next 5 to 25 years, the aliens will make their way to earth and start living here.
  • Geller also rejects the possibility of an alien invasion as he believes that the aliens want to establish friendships with humans and lead a peaceful life on earth. 

Please note that these details are based on online data, we have not framed anything.


Uri Geller’s kept receiving media attention for his paranormal claims and statements. The statements associated with extraterrestrials received massive audience acceptance. To know more on this topic, please have a look here. 

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