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Have you watched Oscar night onTV? If yes, you know what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock on the stage when Smith went to the stage and hit the Presenter, Chris Rock. The controversial moment between the duos creates a storm Worldwide

Going to the stage and hitting the Presenter is very palatable to taste, but what makes Will Smith furious that much? This incident also pushed the fans to speculate about the action of Will Smith on Dave Chappelle. Dave Chappelle’s remark on JA Rule is surfacing the internet.

Reason Behind This Happening

The Presenter of the Oscar night, Chris Rock, made fun of Jada Pinkett’s hair. He made some nasty comments about Jada’s hair which made Will furious. Jada Pinkett suffers from hair loss due to alopecia, which she discussed earlier. 

When Chris Rock cracked a joke on her shorn head on the stage, Will Smith could not digest such kind of mockery of his wife in front of the public; he went to the stage, slapped him, and shouted from his chair that he must not take his wife’s name in such a reprehensible way.

Why is controversy Dave Chappelle on Chris Rock Will Smith?

Almost 20 years ago, David Chapelle made some nasty comments on JA Rule’s opinion on the incident of 9/11. In contrast, talking about 9/11, when a Famous TV journalist wanted to know about JA Rule’s thoughts on the 9/11 incident.

David Chappelle said in an amusing way nobody was interested in knowing what JA Rule’s thinking in this incident etc. Scroll down to know more about this controversial incident. And netizens are speculating about the reaction of Will to Dave as David Chappelle also made below-the-belt jokes.

Will Smith on Dave Chappelle

When we wanted to know from Dave Chappelle about Smith’s slap at Chris on the stage on Oscar night. We could not get any reaction from him. But fans of Dave Chappelle are anticipating that if Dave were there in place of Chris on that Oscar night and would do that with him. 

Then probably Dave would hit back at Smith and be on the stage. He would start roasting Will and his wife until both of them would leave the show. According to the fans, this could be the reaction of Dave Chappelle On Chris Rock Will Smith.

Note – All the details mentioned here are entirely based on internet research. 

The Last Words

We all know about the controversial moment between Will Smith and Chris Rock on Oscar night. Readers are requested to give your valuable comments in the comment section whether you support the action of Will or not.

You can also comment on how far a standup comedian can go while doing comedy on the stage. Does he have the freedom to mock anyone’s health issue? 

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