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This article on Wiki Peter Navarro was written to provide you with recent and brief information about Peter Navarro. 

Who is Peter Navarro? What does he do? Why is he famous? If you are eager to know about this, read the article until the end. He was very prominent in the United States and Canada. To understand better about him, read Wiki Peter Navarro. Peter was an American economist and author. He was an assistant to the President, Donald Trump. 

He served him for approximately five years. Peter had also been a professor in different universities. To get detailed information about Peter Navarro, read the article below.

Who was Peter Navarro? 

Peter Navarro was an economist and an author. As we have read, he worked for President Donald Trump for at least five years, from April 29, 2017, to January 20, 2021. He was well known as a critic of Germany and China. We will read more about his current life in 2022 Peter Navarro. On July 15, 1949, Peter was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the US. He served as a Republican for several years. 

Peter completed his education at Tufts University (BA) and Harvard University (MPA and (Ph.D.). He also served as a Deputy Assistant to the President and the White House National Trade Council Director. While helping Trump, he advised him to implement protectionist trade policies. He has also worked on the relationship between the United States and Asia. In 1984 Peter wrote a book as a Doctoral student, The Policy Game. 

Wiki Peter Navarro Recent News 

As per information, after Peter refused to work in the House, the federal grand jury advised Navarro for contempt of Congress. In Washington DC, on a Friday in the court, Navarro said that he would represent himself without a lawyer. He was arrested at the airport in Washington on his way to Nashville. Navarro said that after President Donald Trump asserted executive privilege, he could not cooperate with him. Peter now has become the second adviser of Trump, who was accused of indicating criminal contempt. His next court appearance is on June 17. 

Why is Peter Navarro charged with contempt of Congress?

We have read about Peter in Wiki Peter Navarro and found that he worked for Donald Trump. Recently he has been accused of contempt of Congress because he refused to cooperate with US Capitol riots. He was charged with misconduct and prosecutors. He was arrested for refusing to provide documents for investigation at US Capitol on January 6, 2021. All these details are based on the web only; we are not claiming or supporting any one.


Peter Navarro was an American economist and an author. He wrote a book as a Doctoral student. He worked for Donald Trump and now has been charged with contempt of Congress because of not cooperating with Trump anymore and refusing to provide any documents for US Capitol. Brief information about him is given on Wiki Peter Navarro. To know more, click on this link.

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