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The post talks about Why Was Lewis Hamilton Knighted and elaborates about his career.

Lewis Hamilton has been in the news Worldwide for quite some time, mainly for losing the record setting Formula 1 world title for the eighth time. But as it is said, after every bad situation, something good comes into the picture. The same fits well for Lewis Hamilton. The 36-year-old was recently knighted by the Prince of Wales.

Thus, if you are wondering Why Was Lewis Hamilton Knighted, we bring you a complete article that is well researched and precise, read till the end.

Who is Lewis Hamilton?

Sir Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, the 36-year-old is best known as a British racing driver. He has many laurels in his praise, including joint-record World Drivers’ Championship titles that number seven. In addition, he also holds records for most wins totalling 103, 103 pole positions, and 182 podium finishes.

He is known for competing for Formula One drive for Mercedes, which McLaren drove from 2007 to 2012. But wondering Why Was Lewis Hamilton Knighted? You need to read the entire article until the end without stopping.

More Facts About Lewis Hamilton

  • He joined the McLaren young drive performance in 1998, which was a game-changer for him.
  • He later joined the Formula One drive with McLaren in 2007
  • Hamilton won the Formula One World Championship as the youngest driver
  • Later, four years down the line, he signed with the renowned Mercedes in 2013.
  • He was listed in the Time’s issue of 2020 among the top 100 influential people Worldwide.

Why Was Lewis Hamilton Knighted?

Lewis Hamilton is the fourth Formula One driver knighted and received an honour while the competition was still on. Herein, he was made a member of the order from the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 2009.

He recently participated in the eighth F1 world title. However, he, unfortunately, did not win the race and lost the record setting title. However, the Prince of Wales knighted him, which became an instant trend globally. 

Are you still wondering the reason as to Why Was Lewis Hamilton Knighted when he lost the world title? Well, the answer is he was knighted for deploying services to motorsport during a ceremony at Windsor Castle.

Moreover, Hamilton also assisted in launching the Hamilton commission to improve the representations for his community and diversify their participation within the UK motorsport.

Final Conclusion

Carmen Lockhart, his mother, attended the ceremony held at the Windsor Castle. Apart from winning the world championship for the FI race seven times, Hamilton adds another title to his name for being the fourth GP driver. We hope we answer Why Was Lewis Hamilton Knighted apart from the other three which includes, Sir Stirling Moss, Sir Jack Brabham and Sir Jackie Stewart.

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