Why Is Turkana Boy Important (Aug) Let Us Find Here!

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Why Is Turkana Boy Important (Aug) Let Us Find Here! >> This article gives you all the crucial details about the human fossil. Please read here the full information about why it is trending.

We all know that humans thousands of years ago didn’t have the same physical characteristics of bone structures compared to today’s body structures. However, scientists only proved this simple fact after years of research into old fossils and skeletons. Without them, we wouldn’t have nearly as much information as we have today. So, Why Is Turkana Boy Important? Because it’s one of the pivotal fossils.

The term has gained some attention in many countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Romania, the United States, and Australia. If you’re interested in knowing about the significance of this fossil, keep reading to get all the relevant information.

What is the Turkana Boy?

The Turkana Boy, Turkana Human, or the Nariokotome Boy is the name of the fossil whose common name is KNM-WT-15000. It’s said to have lived about 1.5 million years ago and is said to be about the age of a boy. This fossil was found near Lake Turkana in Kenya in 1984. It’s regarded as the first specimen in the complete early hominin skeleton.

Why Is Turkana Boy Important?

  • Scientists have made many important discoveries that are highly regarded to this date by studying this fossil.
  • Turkana Boy is important because it’s the first early human skeleton found in a complete form.
  • The fossil is called the Turkana Boy because the structure is of a boy no more than 8 or 10 years old.
  • He was about 160 cm tall and would have likely grown up to be 185 cm.
  • He had a tall and slender frame that which is suited for adapting to the extensive plains.
  • Scientists were able to recover nearly 90% of the skeleton. 
  • Why Is Turkana Boy Important? Many valuable discoveries about the species have been made by studying this skeleton.
  • His appearance was also very human-like, with a large braincase and an outwards nose.

Why is Turkana Boy Trending?

Now that we’re aware of this skeleton’s significance and importance, let’s look at some crucial details.

  • It has become trendy due to its appearance in the Google Doodle on Sunday.
  • Users were curious to know about its significance, and consequently, it became somewhat viral.
  • Google Doodle celebrated this historically and scientifically essential skeleton with a Google Doodle.
  • Why Is Turkana Boy Important? We have already discussed it above.
  • Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, also created the famous Google Doodle, which celebrates important dates and events.
  • Read more about the Turkana Boy here

The Final Verdict   

Google Doodle celebrates historically significant dates with its Doodles, an entertaining method of reminding users of the date’s significance. Recently, the Doodle celebrated the Turkana Boy, which made it somewhat trendy. All the relevant information about this skeleton is mentioned above; kindly read it. 

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