Why Is Juul Banned {June} Know The Exact Reason Here!

Latest News Why Is Juul Banned
The post answers Why Is Juul Banned and highlights the adverse cause of vaping and what are the health conditions it can invite. 

Have you heard of the news of e-cigarettes being banned in the United States? Do you know the reason for taking such a drastic step? We will tell you why the government has taken this big step in banning Juul. People were very concerned with the underage groups getting addicted to vaping and inviting various lung ailments. Juul was available in various flavours, and the young generation was addicted to the product. Why Is Juul Banned answered in this article?

Ban On The Products 

The FDA is all set to ban Juul from selling e-cigarettes after the American Health association said that those cigarettes are creating various adverse effects on the body of the individual. Many people have lost their lives since the product was launched, as many young people took to vaping. The company was also blamed for the increase in vaping among individuals. Many lawsuits were filed against the company for inducing the customers to buy their products, which led to mass addiction to the product.

Why Is Juul Being Banned?

Juul came in the market in 2015, and just after the launch, it managed to sell approximately 2.2 million devices the next year. In 2018 the company had a market share of 75%. By the numbers, we can see that the company managed to impress the people with its products, and selling flavoured cigarettes turned out to be a positive investment for them. However, when people came close to knowing the dangers of vaping, they were seen to take steps behind, and the lawsuit filed against the company made them withdraw their needs, which led to a fall in the market share.

People’s viewpoint on Why Is Juul Banned.

After the FDA took drastic measures to ban Juul from the market, it got mixed responses from the people, which is obvious. People addicted to vaping were against the decision, and those aware of the ill effects supported the team. Juul has faced thousands of lawsuits in the US court, and doctors have blamed vaping as the major cause of the increase in lung-related illnesses. Other brands also sell vaping cigarettes, but Juul has caused more damage to youngsters and other individuals. The FDA plans to Ban Juul E Cigarettes as soon as possible.

Readers who want to know the full details of the news can read here and make yourself aware of the dangers of vaping.

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Final Verdict

E-cigarettes are nothing but a replica of the original cigarettes where flavours are used, but due to the high amount of nicotine content, it becomes dangerous for the health. We suggest people avoid getting addicted to vaping as these cause serious health conditions. The FDA will let the public know after the rule is proposed. We have provided the answer to Why Is Juul Banned

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