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Are you aware of the defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp? The trial is registered in Fairfax County Circuit Court before a seven-person jury. After registering the trail, many fans in the United States started wondering why the trail was registered in Fairfax when both of them were not associated with the county.    

The defamation trial registered in Fairfax between Ms. Heard and Mr. Johnny Depp is getting into a fierce battleground, with both sides reproachful to each other for repeated domestic abuse. Let us know Why Is Johnny Depp Case in Fairfax?

Why Is Johnny Depp’s Defamation Case Registered in Fairfax?

The volatile defamation case between Ms. Heard and Mr. Depp is recounted outside the state, at the country court in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States

The trail is registered in Fairfax County because of the virtual edition of the post that has a server in the county, enabling Johnny to sue his ex-wife in that county. Her attorney tried to transfer the trial to California. Still, Mr. Depp’s attorney denied and decided to sue her in Virginia because the county’s Anti-SLAPP legislation was lacking in California.  

So, finally, it is decided that the trial will be conducted before a seven-person jury at the county court in Fairfax County. It is clear Why Is Johnny Depp in Court of Fairfax County. 

About the Defamation Case!

The defamation trial is against his ex-wife, Ms. Heard, and the case alleges that Ms. Heard defamed Mr. Depp in the op-ed published in Dec 2018 in The Washington Post, “I Spoke Up Against Sexual Violence.”    

The defamation trial is registered in Fairfax County, and it is converting into a ferocious battleground over the truth of their relationship. Lawyers from both sides are questioning the witnesses about the abuses of what has been said as a whirlwind romance started on a movie set. Mr. Depp sued Ms. Heard afterward she inscribed an op-ed in the Washington Post, mentioning to herself as a public figure on behalf of domestic violence.     

What are the Latest Updates Johnny Depp Court Case?

The latest update on the case is that the trial will now take place in Fairfax County because of the online publication of the post that has servers in Fairfax County, Virginia. It urged Mr. Depp to sue her counterpart in Fairfax. 

The second reason for suing her in Fairfax is the Anti-SLAPP legislation which is not extensive in California. The Anti-SLAPP law is designed to offer a solution to the SLAPP suit. After the lawsuit was filed, Ms. Heard filed a counterclaim against Mr. Johnny, worth $100m, for immunity and nuisances that occurred after the allegations. Stay tuned for more Johnny Depp Trial Stream.

The details regarding the trail will be updated as soon as any new update is published.


The defamation trial between the actors was registered in Virginia, and it is transforming into a fierce battle over the truth of the relationship. Because of the publisher’s server and Anti-SLAPP legislation, the trail is registered in Fairfax. Besides, the lawyer confirmed that the trial would occur before a seven-person jury. 

No matter who will win the case, the trial is already making news among worldwide fans. 

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