Why Is Dave Portnoy Banned From NFL {June} Get Facts!

This article will let readers know Why Is Dave Portnoy Banned From NFL and the disturbing relationship between Dave and the NFL.

Who doesn’t know about the most powerful Man in Pro sports? Roger Goodell is a name connected to the NFL everyone heard, right? Especially the people of the United States.

Recently, Roger Goodell has been testified by the Congress committee for the inquiry about his workplace culture. In between, one of the congressmen asked him about Why Is Dave Portnoy Banned From NFL? So let’s get to his answer.

Who is David Portnoy, and why was he banned?

David Scott Portnoy is an American internet renowned blogger, and originator of the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports. He can also be seen reviewing other things on the internet, such as pizzas, pillows, and much more.

He is generally known for his unapologetic and straightforward character towards any topic he carries. However, people often criticized his blogs and writings for inappropriate comments towards situations, especially women. 

He and Roger Goodell are in highlights for the question, Why Is Dave Portnoy Banned From NFL Games? Portnoy was previously arrested twice under the NFL-related incident. First, in 2015 when he and other employees were protesting against Deflategate by handcuffing one another on the floor, and another in 2019, when he attempted to attend the game through fake passes. 

Anyone can answer that Dave Portnoy has had numerous issues with the NFL in the past few years, and they all are rebellious from Portnoy’s side. Portnoy also alleged that Roger halted his one-on-one meeting with Roger Goodell in 2020. Portnoy won this opportunity in a charity auction.

Why Is Dave Portnoy Banned From NFL?

On Wednesday, Roger Goodell took the questions of the congress committee about different issues that fall under the work environment of the place. Jim Jordan took Roger to the other side and asked him about Dave Portnoy.

Jim Jordan asked Roger about the awareness of freedom of speech and press to which Roger agreed and answered it as Yes. After this, Roger was asked Why David Portnoy had been banned. In fact, he is a journalist and a Sports journalist. Roger said- He doesn’t know about this issue and will check it with his team.

Why Is Dave Portnoy Banned From NFL Games?

The denial of Roger in front of the committee was not enough for them. Jim Jordan added to Roger that Dave had interviewed President Donald Trump, and if he can be in the White House, he can also be in the stadiums. 

They are not ready to accept the answer Roger stated as a member of this chief body of the game. Also, Dave has stated many allegations about Roger in which he marks Roger as Hitler, Liar, and a crook. He added that Roger is a pure monarch who doesn’t want any change in his ways.


Why Is Dave Portnoy Banned From NFL is a question that doesn’t require a detailed answer as tensions can be seen between the NFL and Dave pretty clearly? Dave’s open media statements about Roger tell a story that doesn’t need any narration.

Also, the committee is not satisfied with this half-heard answer from Roger, as he is a powerful figure in the NFL. Therefore, nothing can happen outside of his consent.

Also, click here to know the details about the testimony.  

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