Why Is Chema in Jail {May} Read To Know The Reason Here!

Do you want to know about “Who Killed Sara”? If yes, don’t forget to read the article Why Is Chema in Jail.

Do you want to know about your favorite Netflix series, season 3? We hope you want to. If yes, then don’t miss this article. The series was released yesterday only. Yes, you are correct; the name of the series is Who Killed Sara, which was released on 18th May. 

There are various interesting characters in this series. The series “Who Killed Sara” has become famous worldwide, including in the United States. So, let’s start discussing Why Is Chema in Jail.

About the Series

“Who Killed Sara” is a series which is available on Netflix. There are three reasons for this series. The first season was released last year in March 2021; after two months, only the second season got released, and exactly after one year, the third season. The one-year gap had increased the people’s interest in the series “Who Killed Sara”. 

In the series, a character named Chema has changed itself after the ordeal it has faced. The full name of Chema is Chema Lazcano. Chema is in jail because he sacrificed for Alex, whom he loves. Let’s know more about Why Is Chema in Jail.

How was Sara killed?

In the last episode of season 3, no one killed Sara. Sara herself killed her. In the early season of “Who Killed Sara,” Sara is no one, but in the series, a situation comes when Sara’s grave is empty, which means there was a hope that Sara was still alive. 

Afterward, in the series, it was also revealed that what other people were thinking was not true. Sara did not die due to that parachute incident; she was saved and in a hospital for many days. 

Why Is Chema in Jail – Why is it trending?

Chema in real life is Jose Maria, and he is also considered among the important characters of “Who Killed Sara”. He was the second sibling among his three siblings of Lazcano. He was not straight in his sexuality, and due to this, his parents were not accepting him, no matter how much effort he put in.

Chema faced a lot of difficulties during the series, and in the end, also he was sent to jail. Although he has not made any mistakes only for his love, he went to jail, and his love also did not care about him. All the information about Why Is Chema in Jail is written above.


“Who Killed Sara” is an excellent series available on the Netflix. It has maintained the interest of viewers for a long time. The suspense is great; all the revealing has shocked the viewers. Whatever they thought was different from the real scenario. Learn more about Who Killed Sara.

Have you read the above article? Then let us know what you think will be in season 3 and what it is right now in the comment section. Why Is Chema in Jail is mentioned above.

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