Why Is Boris Johnson Being Ousted {July 2022} Reason!

Why Is Boris Johnson Being Ousted has shared an update on the current political crisis that is worsening with each passing day in the United Kingdom.

Is time running out for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson? The latest scandal involving the government deputy chief whip has seen his party members going against the United Kingdom Premier. The ongoing political crisis in England has created a lot of interest among netizens in the United States. 

The number of resignations from Boris Johnson’s ministry increased recently, and it appears that things will become difficult for the Premier in the coming days. Why Is Boris Johnson Being Ousted has all the facts related to this story, so keep reading it till the end.

Political Crisis in the United Kingdom:

The crisis of the current government deepened with the resignation of two more cabinet members on Tuesday. The Health secretary and Chancellor of the Boris government resigned within ten minutes, seeking resignation from the Prime Minister.

Various issues were crippling the current government, but Chris Pincher’s recent misconduct has made it worse. The day saw the resignation of 40 ministers from the conservative camp and lawmakers asking for immediate resignation after more news of wrongdoing by the former deputy chief whip.

Why Is Boris Johnson Being Ousted?

The conservative party members feel Boris Johnson has not handled the misconduct scandal created by Chris Pincher. The response from Downing Street further complicates the matter as it stated that the “Prime Minister was not aware of Pincer misconduct at the time of his appointment”.

Some correspondents made it clear that the Prime Minister was apprised of his misconduct by foreign ministry officials. This led Downing Street to correct its position by saying that “he forgot the incident at the time of appointment.” The Prime Minister later admitted that the appointment of Mr. Picher was a grave mistake. 

Why Is Boris Johnson Being Ousted feels that with his party members turning against him, it will be tough for the Prime Minister to retain his Prime Ministership.

Boris Johnson Take on Current Crisis:

The series of resignations and open revolt by lawmakers has worsened Boris Johnson’s situation. The Prime Minister has conceded that Chris Picher’s appointment was a mistake, but he refuses to resign for it. He believes that the public has given him the mandate to run the country in the last election, and he must serve the nation and its people for the entire term. 

Why Is Boris Johnson Being Ousted on chances of Resignation by Premier:

The Prime Minister believes he must hold on to the post and sail through the storm. The newly appointed Health Secretary and Chancellor are also advising the Premier to resign as chances of a second confidence vote increased for next week. 

Some polls also suggest that the Prime Minister’s popularity had decreased recently, with 69% of people voting for Boris Johnson’s ouster. 

Final Verdict:

The support for Boris Johnson is decreasing with every passing day as his party members have turned against him. Why Is Boris Johnson Being Ousted believes that although things are against him, only the people of Britain can decide about their future leader. People can share their views on the United Kingdom political crisis in the comment section.

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