Why Did Resign Boris {Sep 2022} Read The Reason Here!

The post discusses Why Did Resign Boris and elaborates further information about the same.

Are you too stunned to hear about Boris Johnson’s resignation? The former prime minister of the United Kingdom has officially resigned and been replaced by Liz Truss. It is trending globally across the United States, Australia, India and Canada.

However, many are still obscure to understand the actual reason for his resignation and why he quit. Thus, to put all the speculations to the bay, we bring you a detailed report of Why Did Resign Boris and other related information.

Why is Boris Johnson Trending?

According to reports, Boris Johnson the Ex-prime minister has been replaced by the new prime minister of the UK Liz Truss. As per research, Boris had lost the majority support from the MPs at the beginning of the year.

Herein, he laid out his resignation on July 2022. However, the public globally wants to know the actual reason for his resignation. As per research and details collected, numerous factors led to Boris losing his support from his fellow MPs, which led to his resignation. In the below paragraphs, we will detail about Why Did Boris Yeltsin Resign and other related information.

An Overview of Why Boris Resigned

  • As per reports, multiple factors reasoned to Boris losing her majority and confidence among his fellow MPs.
  • One reason is the accusation of the Prime Minister and other MPs attending gatherings during the lockdown and pandemic.
  • Besides, the rising taxes and living crisis cost also laid a big question on his skills in leading the country.
  • He is now replaced by Liz Truss, who will take up the office as the next prime minister.

Why Did Resign Boris – How Long was he the Prime Minister?

Boris Johnson took up as the prime minister after the elections on 24 July 2019. He later ended the role on 05 September 2022. Herein, he laid out his resignation in July 2022. Thus, he was posted as the Prime Minister and continued in the office for not more than 3 years.

There is no further information about his comeback, although there are speculations about his next moves. Some of the claims detail him making a comeback into journalism, writing, in addition to reasons for Why Did Boris Johnson Resign From Cabinet. Besides, few have pointed out him continuing his service in politics and again getting back to the ladder.

Final Conclusion On The Topic

Liz Truss is currently elected as the prime minister by the conservative party. Besides, Liz will be the fifteenth prime minister and the third woman in the position. All information provided here is taken from the internet. Thus, we hold no claim to any information or detail presented. Do you wish to know more about Why Did Resign Boris? Then do read.

What is your opinion about the resignation? Do share your feedback and thoughts in the comments section.

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